Freedom or the MSM can Survive: Not Both

It is now clear that almost the entire MSM combined with almost all of Big Tech to censor some opinions and boost others – and it has been going on for a while, but only went into overdrive in 2020 with the effort to oust Trump. But the reason why they did it is far less important than the fact that they did it, at all. It is a huge problem – and the solution of it may determine whether we remain free, or not.

As of at least yesterday, none of the three major network newscasts had even mentioned the Twitter files. This silence could be because they haven’t worked out the talking points but it could well be that the word has come down that the files simply will not be discussed. This shows that the MSM is entirely a State-controlled media. It is a mere propaganda outfit and it is as the command of the DNC.

“Can you prove that, Mark!”

Don’t have to. I’m not stupid. Its a huge story involving one of the world’s richest men and one of the world’s largest social media platforms. This sort of thing is made for the news – and you only don’t mention it on command.

And now we have to think: the First Amendment protection for the press: does it extend to what amounts to a propaganda outfit for one party? It would be one thing if they would just admit that they are Democrat operatives dressing themselves up as news people…but they won’t admit that. They pretend to be reporting news when they clearly don’t report anything that is unfavorable to Democrats…and when it comes to disfavoring Republicans, they’ll repeat the most monstrous and stupid lies.

This is what the guys at Bunker Hill and Yorktown were fighting for?

I have my suspicions that Washington’s constabulary would have a particularly violent response to this. What will ours be? Pretend its all ok? Hope they get an attack of conscience? Pretend that when we protect CBS News we’re defending a principle?

We have to do something. We can’t let this stand. The MSM and Big Tech must be forced to kneel before the people and become, as far as humanly possible, fair and honest platforms for information. I don’t have a roadmap to this – but I think our first effort if we ever get a trifecta is to break up the large media corporations. That no one entity or person can control more than one media outlet. Joe Billionaire or MegaCorp X can own one TV network. Or one newspaper. Or one website. Or one movie studio – and they can’t own even a penny’s worth of any other. This would first and foremost restore real competition. You would get, in the end, more TV networks, more newspapers, more websites…more of everything presenting news and entertainment to the people because, my friends, there are buckets of money to be made doing that and huge amounts of fame to be had. People will still get into it even if they can’t own it all. And they’ll look for their markets and, guess what?, someone will figure out that the Right is a market.

The one thing we can’t do is nothing. We are doomed if we do nothing. Eventually – and probably very soon – you’ll see the MSM simply ceasing to cover reality. Their whole existence will be to praise Democrats and slander Republicans. They won’t even in passing mention anything that is bad news for Democrats. They will, combined with Big Tech, try to suffocate all dissent. We must find a way to breath, or we die.

Destroy the Corporate Media

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the mounted Border Patrol people being accused of whipping Haitian illegal immigrants. I’m sure you also know the story is a complete fabrication. It never happened. Nothing even remotely like it happened. But, the MSM created the lie and they are still running with it. Today, Axios ran a story (I won’t link to them) with the headline:

Gov. Greg Abbott to Border Patrol agents who whipped at Haitian migrants from horseback: “I will hire you to help Texas secure our border.”

Can you believe it? Well, of course you can: we’re all used to this. It is, perhaps, just a little more brazen than it used to be, but egregious lying has been par for the course for the MSM since at least Reagan took office. As I said – and as you know – no whipping took place. As far as eyewitness accounts go – including from the photographer who took the picture being held up as proof that a whipping happened – nobody was hit by anything. But what got me going was a comment about the story from Stephen Miller: a good guy and a smart, well informed person.

There are decent journalists at Axios but why the f**k should we even read or listen to them when their employer is pulling this shit?

I had to put a correction on that: no, there are no decent journalists at Axios. Any decent journalist would refuse to be associated with an organization which lies like that. Technically, I guess there could be – but if they don’t quit their jobs within 24 hours, that will be the proof that none of them are decent.

These aren’t mistakes. These are deliberate, malicious lies. The whipping lie also isn’t the first malicious lie out of the MSM. They’ve done it again and again and again. And it isn’t done for ratings. There is no profit motive here. MSM audience figures are a dumpster fire of fail. CNN is paying Anderson Cooper (who is worth $200 million) about a million dollars a month for a show barely a million people bother to watch at any given time. You don’t do that if money is the motivator – but you will do that if your goal is to promote a Narrative and you need a host who looks and sounds good on TV while reading the most monstrous lies off a teleprompter. Don’t think that isn’t a talent! Most of us would look nervous or embarrassed trying to lie like an MSM host. But they pull it off with aplomb: it is what they’re paid to do.

So, what are we going to do about this? What, that is, will be our response to a gigantic Corporate propaganda machine spewing lies against us 24/7?

A few years ago, all of us would say, “nothing”. We were firmly convinced that the First Amendment was sacrosanct and even the most disgusting lies must be endured so that we can at least have the chance to tell the truth. But it isn’t like that any longer, is it?

Over the past 4 years, especially, the corporate media has actively participated in the shutting down of alternate voices. They have lied about and doxxed persons and organizations merely trying to present the news. They have urged action against such people and organizations to dry up their revenue streams and remove them from various platforms: and they have had a lot of success. It started with Yiannopoulos (if you haven’t followed his saga: the latest I’ve heard is that he’s stopped being gay…which may be another advertising gimmick, but who knows?) being banned and pretty much the entire Right went silent about it. He wasn’t the hill to die on! And then hill after hill was passed by. Lots of non-Left voices have been effectively silenced and without any government action: just the corporations obeying the orders of leftwing pressure groups. Some on the right still try to draw a distinction between Corporate and Government action…but I can’t see it. Not any longer. To me, when You Tube bans a non-left account, it is merely the government using Corporations to do things that the government couldn’t get away with. But, however you want to view that particular issue, the bottom line is that Corporations are banning our speech while allowing the most disgusting lies to be broadcast from Corporate sources.

This isn’t, you know, fair.

If we wish to survive – if we wish to be free and fully able to participate in the public square – the corporate media (profit and non-profit) has to go. All they do is lie. All of their lies serve the Democrat party. Their lies are slickly presented and convince millions of Americans to vote not just against their own interests, but against basic common sense. The First Amendment does not apply to Corporations: that is the standard we must adhere to. That no publicly traded corporation has any First Amendment protection. Furthermore, no person or entity has a right to lie – that is, there is no First Amendment protection for ever broadcasting or publishing anything factually untrue. If you lie, you are liable. I know I’ve said this before, but now with this whipping story, I really do believe my assertion has teeth. Pudding Brain has promised to make the border patrol agents pay – for doing nothing. If the President of the United States, urged by lying media, will punish Border Patrol agents for nothing, what can be done to you any time the corporate media decides to target you?

It is time to drop the quiet dogmas of the past. They won’t do. Our opponents dropped them a long time ago. They will oppress us to their maximum ability at any time. Time to start removing the protections they hide behind while trying to club us to death.