The Company the Kook Left Keeps

From Raw Story:

Pfc. Nasser Abdo, the 21-year-old soldier arrested Thursday in connection with an alleged plot to attack Fort Hood, had ties to a number of prominent anti-war organizations, including Iraq Veterans Against the War and Courage to Resist, Raw Story can confirm.

Abdo, who went AWOL from duty over the July 4 weekend after being charged with possession of child pornography, was an applicant for conscientious objector (CO) status, supported by the Oakland-based GI rights group Courage to Resist. In turn, his efforts to resist deployment were supported by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), one of the best-known anti-war groups in the nation.

He was arrested Thursday outside Fort Hood, in Killeen, Texas, after police received a tip informing them that Abdo had purchased firearms with cash, from the same gun store that Major Nidal Hasan visited before murdering 13 of his fellow soldiers in 2009…

This man Abdo joined the military long after the campaign in Afghanistan started and then, when faced with deployment there, suddenly claimed that his conscience prohibited him from going.  Naturally, given the absurd claim – clearly just a dodge from a man who didn’t want to do his sworn duty – anti-war groups embraced him.  After all, it doesn’t matter how stupid a position is, as long as it can be placed against the best interests of the United States, the anti-war left will welcome it.  Those groups are now trying to pretend they had nothing to do with him, but that is also just another cowardly dodge.

Nothing better illustrates the blindness and dishonesty which is always at the heart of so-called “anti-war” movements.  Pacifism is like that – based upon a dishonorable concept that nothing is worth fighting for, it is natural that such groups will descend to depth upon depth of dishonesty and cowardice.

Be anti-slavery.  Be anti-tyranny.  Be anti-bigotry.  There are a score of things to be “anti” about…but you can’t honorably be anti-war, because war is not inherently wrong.  Might as well be anti-law enforcement…essentially, that is what you are doing:  failing to differentiate between the people involved and having the courage to find out where right lays and then acting upon that discovery.

From this point on, no one with a shred of honor will ever have anything to do with an anti-war movement.  There is just no place there for men and women with an ounce of courage and honesty.