Hey, Obama: Where is My Hoover Dam?

Interesting news story:  Voyager 1 is now on the very edge of the outer solar system and will soon enter inter-stellar space, the first man-made object to do so.  Clearly, a milestone in human achievement.  But here’s the kicker – its actually an achievement of the 1970’s, as Voyager was launched in 1977.  That got me thinking – our government has been wasting bags of money for the past 80 years, but we’re always getting less and less from it.

Think of it like this:  when FDR started us on our path to bankruptcy, we at least got the Hoover Dam; the Civilian Conservation Corps (any of you camping enthusiasts out there can probably name a half dozen camping/fishing spots which were created by the CCA); Mt Rushmore.  For Ike’s bags of money spent we got the inter-state highway system.  For JFK’s profligacy we got the Moon shot.  It all started to go wrong with LBJ; his building of the Great American Bankruptcy got us the “Great Society” and Vietnam.  Nixon just went from bad to worse – spending still shot up and we lost Vietnam and got millstones like the EPA.  And on and on it went – until, now, we’ve got Obama…who has spent at least $3 trillion more than would have been spent if McCain had been elected, and what did we get for it?  Solyndra.

Our liberals are spending more money than ever and we are getting less and less for it – just more government; more payoffs to cronies; more bailouts for the well-connected.  We, the people, are more than used to getting robbed blind by liberals…but at least we used to get something useful thrown in.  Like the Hoover Dam and the Moon shot; in other words, things which useful people can either use or at least glory in.  Can you imagine the shivers of horror among liberals if anyone suggesting building another Hoover Dam?  Carving another mountain in to a grand, American monument?  If, on the other hand, you offered to re-carve Mt. Rushmore in to a Gay Pride display, liberals would allow it – with no more than 10 years of bureaucratic red tape between proposal and first action.

Small minded, cowardly, little cretins who’s only concern is their place at the trough – that is modern, American liberals.  That, by the way, is what was rejected in Wisconsin.  That, also, is what the battle is ultimately about – will America shake off the chains of liberalism and rise to new heights of glory, or will we go on our knees and, fearful of doing anything, die a slow, painful death?  Will we, that is, take the path of least resistance until the whole United States is Detroit?  Or will we recover our courage and not only save America, but even return Detroit to its glory days?

Obama offers us nothing but more bureaucrats and more money for his cronies – Romney offers us a return to American greatness.  A return of an America which can, indeed, put a man on the Moon.

My choice is made; and never have I had an easier one.