Palin to Announce on the 3rd?

From the Iowa Republican:

Although they claim to have no inside information, the volunteers that comprise Iowa’s Organize 4 Palin group are convinced the former Alaska Governor is running for President.  They also believe it is very likely she will announce her candidacy at a Tea Party event near Des Moines on September 3rd.

“It certainly makes a lot of sense for her to announce on that date,” said Richard Rogers, the 3rd District Co-Chair for Organize 4 Palin.  “It will be the third anniversary of her speech at the Republican National Convention.  That’s what launched her onto the national scene.  Announcing at that event would certainly be appropriate.  The timing is right.”…

They’ve had to move the event to a large venue because of the large crowd expected…and if she is going to run for President, this would be the place and time to do it.


Iowa Straw Poll

With Rick Perry’s announcement the straw poll will be a bit of an anti-climax…whomever does well in Iowa today will not have been tested against Perry.  Still, it could winnow the herd a bit – anyone who competed heavily and does lousy will be greatly weakened.

Anyways, discuss the straw poll and all else relating to the 2012 election.

UPDATE:  Michelle Bachmann.  From NRO’s The Corner:

Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll today with 4,823 votes.

Ron Paul was about 150 votes behind (4,671). Tim Pawlenty was a distant third (2,293).

Among the rest of the field, Rick Perry had 1,718 write-in votes, Rick Santorum 1,657 votes, Herman Cain 1,465 votes, Mitt Romney 567 votes, Newt Gingrich 385 votes, Jon Huntsman 69 votes, and Thad McCotter 35 votes…

Bachmann did what she had to do, Paul’s fanatics put him up there in a perfectly meaningless way, Pawlenty fell far short…everyone else had no real reason to be there.