Open Thread

The provincial government of Alberta is dropping the Covid restrictions. Seems like pressure works. Though, have a care: the announcement was rather surly and you can bet that if they think they can reimpose the restrictions, they will. And this doesn’t do anything to stop federal mandates in Canada.

The Army is working on Climate Change. We’re doomed.

Ron DeSantis has this to say about Rogan – he shouldn’t have apologized. Looks like someone combed through old Rogan podcasts and found that he said The Bad Words. Rogan apologized and that had the normal result: renewed calls to cancel his show. Never give in to the mob.

There’s a restaurant in NYC which is Castro-Che themed. I know you’re not surprised about that. Here’s the surprising bit: the owners decided to expand to new territory. Specifically, they decided to open a place up in Miami.

New Yorkers just don’t get out much, do they?:

I have a semi-viral Tweet. As of this moment about 2,900 retweets and more than 12,000 likes. This is many orders of magnitude more reaction than I normally get. Seems that the Washington Post printed an article with the title – and I’m not kidding – ACLU Challenges Youngkin Order Mandating Choice on School Masks. Emphsis added. My only comment was that it belonged in a museum…some weird, Orwellian museum. I just couldn’t imagine that someone could write that. These people are tying themselves into pretzels trying to keep up the Narrative. Later I found an article claiming that we on the right are weaponizing freedom to destroy Democracy. Are they stupid, or do they think we are?