Are We Approaching Obama’s “Killer Rabbit” Moment?

Larry Sabato is waiting for it:

In a Tweet no president could love, political analyst and University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato, raises the specter of yesteryear, and not in a good way.

“And Obama? POTUS looks weak, irrelevant, Carter-ized–at least for now. Any day, I expect him to be attacked by a killer rabbit.”

When Larry Sabato sees a killer rabbit looming ahead, the White House should be worried.

For you youngsters out there, the “killer rabbit” was a rabbit which attacked Jimmy Carter in 1979 and became part of the Carter legend…it just crystallized a growing American conviction that Carter wasn’t in any way, shape or form fit to be President of the United States..  As Obama has tended to follow the Carter model, we can only expect such a thing to happen, soon.  Our only worry is that we’ll also land in a “Hostage Crisis” event, as well.