Open Thread

Twitter started a “Community Notes” function which allows third parties to attach a statement to Tweets making certain claims of fact. As far as I know, any account can be subjected to such notes and there is a process for doing so…and then everyone can comment and vote on the Community Note. The main thing is that its beautiful – after years of Right Twitter getting banned for posting facts, Left Twitter is now finding that when they make the egregious lie, someone puts a Community Note on it – and the best are when they quote back to the Lefty their own previous words! The Left is, of course, going ballistic about this; often with the usual threat of leaving Twitter but as we on the Right found over the years, there’s nothing better than Twitter for fast-paced commentary with a big reach. It is still a relatively small thing – it doesn’t stop them from lying – but it does put out there the fact that they are, indeed, liars.

The newest St George Floyd of Fentanyl has dropped – a lunatic named Jordan Neely. He was, as per usual in such, a bum and drug addict with a long rap sheet (42 priors and when he was killed he was wanted for assault). On the NYC subway he started acting like an aggressive, lunatic drug addict and so a former Marine did what any decent man would do – he took him down. Because Neely was a drug addict this ended up killing him. Naturally, the Usual Suspects are all out there shouting “racism” and “no justice, no peace” while the MSM – pretty much all of it, including the parts you might think aren’t far Left fanatics – are trying to paint Neely as some sort of street artist beloved by all; failing that, they are trying to work up sympathy over the fact that Neely’s mother was quite brutally murdered some years back – as if that excuses being a violent, drug addicted lunatic. We’re all waiting for the Manhattan DA to charge the Marine with murder…and its 50/50 on conviction. A lot of Manhattanites are getting fed up with the rampant crime and disorder in NYC but they also know that if the Powers That Be want to punish a jury for coming to the “wrong” verdict, it will be done; their names and addresses would be “leaked” so that lunatics could hound them.

Joe Manchin looks ever more like electoral toast next year in West Virginia. He’s nobody to blame but himself. He could have triangulated himself into a life seat by ditching the Democrats to become an independent who caucuses with the GOP. He’d have had to do this some years back, but if he had done it the Senate would still be split and none of Biden’s legislative agenda would have passed. But instead he stuck with the Party and in return for just some really small time pork nobody in WV cares about, he empowered the far Left in the Biden Admin to totally screw over blue collar West Virginia.

Joe Biden is monumentally unpopular. I’m starting to wonder if now so unpopular that even a weak and divided GOP might have a shot next year? I’m still doubtful – especially as the MSM will prop Biden’s corpse up if they have to. I’ll use as my marker this: if RFK stays in and score 20% or more in the NH primary, then Joe is done. And it would be funny as heck if its a like father, like son replay of 1968.

Jesse Kelly has been ringing the alarm bell on what the Establishment plans for Trump – the Manhattan indictment is just the start. They are going to go nuclear on him with all the really bad stuff pouring on if he wins the GOP nomination. Now, if Trump fails in the primary, nothing to really worry about but if he emerges then its a problem. And not just an electoral math problem: if they can really destroy Trump with a series of bogus indictments, then they will destroy everyone who challenges them. Hate Trump all you want, but you must stand up for him in this matter…the charges are all lies. He’s being persecuted, not prosecuted. And it may come down to we have to nominate and elect him just to make sure their effort fails.