MoveOn Wants to Destroy Fox News

I got this from MoveOn in my e mail:

Dear MoveOn member,

Could this be the end of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News?

Allegations in the U.K. against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, Fox’s parent company, just keep coming. Hacking into the phone of a 13-year-old murder victim, bribing government officials, and now claims of hacking into the voice mail of 9/11 victims and their families.

Now, the key is to find out how far Fox and the rest of Murdoch’s news outlets went here in the U.S. If they’ve been as corrupt and criminal here as it looks like they’ve been in the U.K., then we might just see Murdoch’s media empire crumble.

So we’re launching a new campaign to build unavoidable public pressure for full investigations. We’ll start tomorrow with a hard-hitting new ad asking whether Murdoch is “running a company or a crime syndicate.”…

Their desire is clearly the “News of the World” result…they are hoping to generate enough scandal that Fox News will be shut down.  Oh, glorious day for liberalism!  A voice that isn’t in lock-step behind the liberal party line will be silenced!  Across the Republic, only those who are good-thinkers will be heard and peace and blessedness will reign!

Of course, that won’t actually happen in the United States – but one really can’t blame the liberals for dreaming their fascist dreams.  On the other hand, the MoveOn e mail does ask for donations so there is a great chance that the MoveOn people will rake it in…ten thousand liberal dunderheads actually thinking that Fox News can be forced off the air because a NewsCorp subsidiary in Britain hacked some phones.  Ah, well, if they are donating to this cause it is that much less money donating to causes which might be more dangerous.