Hurricane Irene Open Thread

Seems a bit of a fizzle – and Real Science is saying that it came ashore with only 33 MPH winds.  I don’t know about that – not nearly enough in the know to make a judgment.  So far, it does seem like the wall-to-wall news coverage is overblown…but, then again, what else is there to report?  Not like there are any wars involving American soldiers to report about; nor is it like there are any ongoing major revolutions and civil wars to cover; we know darn well that the economic news is boring because there is no risk out there of any sort of downturn…so, might as well cover the storm.

I know we have a bit of a national psychosis because of Katrina, but we should really understand what happened…it wasn’t a big storm so much as grossly incompetent government.  The city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana (under weak executives who were no more than mouth pieces for a corrupt Ruling Class) failed, and that is why so  many people died…under non-corrupt government both New Orleans and Louisiana have weathered post-Katrina disasters with no mishaps.  The bottom line is that the chances of a Katrina-like event happening again can only be calculated as the day by day odds of a major storm hitting an area long under liberal-Democrat control…if you don’t have both sides of that, then you’re not going to have too much trouble unless it is a truly gigantic Category 4 or 5 storm.

At any rate, my prayers for those under the storm – even a modest hurricane can cause quite a lot of damage and disruption and I hope everyone gets through it ok.