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So, What’s Next?

As you are all now aware, Mark is taking a leave of absence from blogging for a while, and I have been more of a silent partner with Blogs for Victory for a year or so now… okay, maybe longer.

First, let me assure you that Blogs for Victory is not dissolving. But, yes, changes are coming. These changes will be good, I believe, because as my absence has probably suggested, I’ve recently determined that I have new priorities (personal and professional) that have prevented me from blogging the way I used to.

In the past three years, I have moved out of my home state, got a new job, gotten married, bought a house, etc. etc.  In between that stuff I have dissolved other, smaller blog projects that I no longer had time for, and also started other projects that have been rather successful. It’s painfully obvious that had Mark not kept things going here, Blogs for Victory probably would have withered away. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and I’m not going to let that happen.

I was told this was the closing of a chapter, to relish in some of the glory this blog, and your the readers and commenters who have made this a reality. So here I go:

Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis promoting "Caucus of Corruption" in 2007
Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis promoting "Caucus of Corruption" in 2007

Many of you have been with us since Blogs For Victory was Blogs For Bush, my first national political blog that became one of the most successful political blogs in the country back in 2004, and took me places I’d never expected. I was at the 2004 Republican National Convention as one of the first credentialed bloggers. I was invited to Capitol Hill on more than one occasion for various blogger conferences, and even had a few meetings with the staff of high ranking Republican members of Congress, as well as Karl Rove and well known political pundits. It’s also worth noting that while my wife never read my blogs before we met, it’s safe to say we’d have never met had it not been for my political blogging. Also, Mark and I have both been on national television, and have a book deal. On the local level, I started political blogs in Massachusetts and Upstate New York that saw similar successes with media exposure and recognition from local political leaders. It has been a tremendous ride, but my time in the driver’s seat has come to an end.

I accept that fact that when it comes to political blogging, be it on the national stage or local, my fifteen minutes of fame are up. No regrets. I did what I had to do when it needed to be done. I can just be thankful that what I did made an impact. But, other, non-political projects are starting to take precedence, and the management of a national political blog is becoming harder for me to handle as I pursue these other projects. Amongst other things, I’d like to take a stab at writing fiction, and hope to start writing a novel in the near future. Who knows where that will go, but it’s something I want to try, and I recognize that now is the time. I believe that I need to make my own success, not wait for success to find me. I think I have a good track record so far, and I look forward to this new challenge.

Matt & Ali at CPAC 2009
Matt Margolis & Ali Akbar at CPAC 2009

So, you’re probably asking what this all means. Well, I’m not leaving this community behind. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve spoken with my friend Ali Akbar about all of this. Ali and I go way back. You may have tuned in to our once popular online radio show, The American Resolve. I am pleased to tell you that one of Ali’s companies, Pundit Syndication, will be acquiring Blogs For Victory in the near future. What does this mean? It means Blogs for Victory is about to get faster, better, and bigger. Over the next month, you’ll notice major changes in content and branding. I will be staying on, of course, as editor-in-chief emeritus, and working with Ali as he transforms Blogs for Victory into what I always hoped it could be.

So, rumors of the end of Blogs for Victory are grossly exaggerated. We still have a mission and a purpose, so stay with me as we take the next step.

Blogging Hiatus

Ladies and gentlemen, I must announce at this time that I am going on a blogging hiatus.  I do appreciate all of you here on Blogs for Victory – and especially those who go all the way back to Blogs for Bush.  But it has just become impossible for me to blog at the rate that I have been (its got to be more than two entries per day, on average, for each day of the last 8 years).  It has been taking too much time away from my other responsibilities, especially to my wife.

So, this will be my last entry for a while – at least 6 months.  If I do come back to blogging, it will only be to make weekly or maybe bi-weekly entries.  I hope that you can all forgive me for leaving you so suddenly and with such little warning, but it is just the way it has to be, for now.  As an aside, if any of you have wished to write for a blog, this would be a good time to contact Matt…I don’t know what his firm plans are, but he may wish to keep this blog going and as both he and I found out over the years, that takes a lot of doing.

God bless you all and good luck and I do hope to see you in the blogosphere in the future.


Mark Edward Noonan

Out and About on a Monday Morning

Arab Spring Update:  93,000 Coptic Christians have left Egypt since the revolution.

Euro will be bailed out!!!

Err…maybe not.

A growing US/Russian/Turkish dispute over Cyprus?  I don’t like the idea that we’re going to base drones in Turkey, and I like it even less that we would be on the Turk’s side in a dispute over Cyprus.  In fact, if Russia ever wanted to induce me to want an alliance, a Russo-Turkish war would be a good way to do it.  Don’t trust the Turks, at all…an increasingly Islamist nation with historic designs not just in Syria, but also in places like Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus.  Yeah, can’t stand Putin either…but I can count on Great Russian nationalism in a war against the Turks.

Korea regulator says Korea’s banks are safe.  I’d pull my money out.  Just sayin’.

Introducing the Society to Preserve the Incandescent Light Bulb.  About time someone took a really firm stand against environmentalist idiocy.

Positivism, Ethics and Law: another look at the Troy Davis execution.

Dead men may tell no tales, but under Obamunism they can collect $120 million.

How labor unions work – so, your navy wants to fight bloodthirsty pirates?  Ok, say the unions, but we won’t refuel the ships at sea unless we make bank.  The German navy having labor troubles in their fleet tankers.




Out and About on a Thursday Morning

Just too many issues to write about and, as it turns out, I’m not feeling very well…bad headache, upset stomach.  Can’t explain it.  Haven’t listened to Obama talk for days.  But, since I’m not up to writing anything worth reading, here’s a few bits and pieces for you to ponder and discuss:

Fast and Furious:  Dead border patrol agent is “collateral damage“.

Shocking News:  Even Catholics have the right to free speech!  Who woulda thunk it?

Will the left’s rank anti-Semitism and growing alliance with Islamo-fascism finally propel American Jews in to the GOP?  Time will tell.

Conservative House GOPers kill continuing resolution – and a good job, too.  Democrats want more spending without cutting anywhere…our more weak kneed GOP leaders are willing to go along with it.  Hopefully the leadership will now listen and pass a bill with some genuine cuts in spending.

Cost of raising a child rises 40% in past decade.  Thanks, Federal Reserve!  We really appreciate the inflation!

Arab Spring Update:  Syria slides towards civil war while regional players angle to pick up the pieces.  Glad we don’t have that cowboy Bush in office…much better to have a President like Obama who will just let things fly out of control and allow our enemies to profit…

Not sure how much we should really put in to this, but one financial guy is saying we should watch the Hang Seng stock market…down 17.5% since August and he says it usually leads the rest of the markets…if this is the case, then the S&P (off 9% of late) has a lot further to go down.

Marines ticked off at brass which is more worried about careers than the needs of the Marines…it actually turns on what sort of underwear the Marines want to wear.  As for me:  any Jarhead can wear any kind of skivvies he chooses.  Why are our officers even worried about it?

Only 19% say the US is heading in the direction.  I figure that 19% reflects how many Americans have had three or more drinks on any given day the pollster calls.

From IMAO:

Come to think of it, Obama can still run on pretty much all the platforms he ran on in 2008: Close Gitmo. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and now also Libya). Turn around this horrible economy. End the incompetent, divisive leadership of the current president. Sucks to be the incumbent, huh?

Enjoy the day!

Labor Day Open Thread

I hope that everyone has a delightful day today – as for me, I have to work.  Being a mindless cog in a faceless, corporate entity does have its draw backs.  Seems that the bosses have a misconception of what “labor day” is about.  Ah, well.  On the other hand, I’ll be earning double time and a half…and my vacation starts after work today!  Two weeks off…including a trip up to Reno to see the new grandson!  This does means that from the 9th on blogging might be a bit light, but we’ll make it all work.

We are, of course, all waiting in breathless anticipation of Obama’s jobs speech…while my leg hasn’t quite started to tingle over it, I’m sure I’ll be fainting dead away when The One tells us how he’s going to undo all the garbage he’s done up to this point.  I’m sure you all feel the same way – so, you can discuss that.  Or, if that proves a bit boring, you can go on to more exciting subjects, like how to clean lint out of the dryer.

So, have at it.

Hurricane Irene Open Thread

Seems a bit of a fizzle – and Real Science is saying that it came ashore with only 33 MPH winds.  I don’t know about that – not nearly enough in the know to make a judgment.  So far, it does seem like the wall-to-wall news coverage is overblown…but, then again, what else is there to report?  Not like there are any wars involving American soldiers to report about; nor is it like there are any ongoing major revolutions and civil wars to cover; we know darn well that the economic news is boring because there is no risk out there of any sort of downturn…so, might as well cover the storm.

I know we have a bit of a national psychosis because of Katrina, but we should really understand what happened…it wasn’t a big storm so much as grossly incompetent government.  The city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana (under weak executives who were no more than mouth pieces for a corrupt Ruling Class) failed, and that is why so  many people died…under non-corrupt government both New Orleans and Louisiana have weathered post-Katrina disasters with no mishaps.  The bottom line is that the chances of a Katrina-like event happening again can only be calculated as the day by day odds of a major storm hitting an area long under liberal-Democrat control…if you don’t have both sides of that, then you’re not going to have too much trouble unless it is a truly gigantic Category 4 or 5 storm.

At any rate, my prayers for those under the storm – even a modest hurricane can cause quite a lot of damage and disruption and I hope everyone gets through it ok.

Sunday Morning Open Thread

Just haven’t got anything to write about for the AM.  Does it seem to you that we’re kind of waiting on the edge of a precipice?  Like the world is holding it’s breath, waiting for some big event which will clarify and give direction?

We do seem to be in a bit of a bad way…economy faltering, leadership incompetent, enemies strengthening, wars and rebellions in abundance, starvation stalks some lands, disease takes its toll…it is said that grave crisis often throws up the person needed to lead out of it.  One thinks of Lincoln and Churchill and how they were superbly matched to their hour…will we get such?

At any rate, regardless of what happens, remember that all will come out right, in the end.  It isn’t, ultimately, in our hands:

I will give thanks to you, O LORD, with all my heart,
for you have heard the words of my mouth;
in the presence of the angels I will sing your praise;
I will worship at your holy temple.

I will give thanks to your name,
because of your kindness and your truth:
When I called, you answered me;
you built up strength within me.

The LORD is exalted, yet the lowly he sees,
and the proud he knows from afar.
Your kindness, O LORD, endures forever;
forsake not the work of your hands. – Psalm 138:1-2,  2-3, 6, 8

Have a great day!

Out and About on a Monday Morning

War in Libya Update:  It is still going on, you know?  Oh, you forgot?  Good:  that is just what Obama wanted you to do.

Associate Press report:  China’s policy of slaughtering unborn children is good!  No, really, since a lot of kids are being killed, those who manage to survive have more money spent on them!  So, let’s go kill even more and make the world a better place…

Bachmann would re-instate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Gloom and Doom Update:  Eurozone is doomed.  No, not just Greece, but also Italy…and then France.  It’s not just me, boys and girls – lots of people are seeing the end of the current global financial system.

Hitchens on the London riots putting blame squarely where it belongs – on our Ruling Class which has made a hash of everything.

Rasmussen:  people still think Obama sucks.

Harry Reid:  the TEA Party will fade away.  Yep sure will…as soon as Harry and the rest of liberalism is on the ash heap of history.