Open Thread

Did a radio spot with the Barrett Brief today on Veritas Radio Network today. They haven’t got today’s show up, yet, but check it later and give it a listen. We talk Trump, Omnibus, and what the heck is going wrong with our nation.

Former Justice Stevens made a massive, in-kind contribution to the GOP’s 2018 effort by calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment. I think the Democrats have convinced themselves that America is so liberal that they can’t go too far left. Out here in Nevada, the Democrat running for governor has a commercial out where he has his two daughters on and he speaks of how proud he was when he first brought them to Planned Parenthood. I guess we’ll find out in November if the Democrat’s plan of going ultra left works.

Utah passed a law allowing kids to be kids. Think about that.

Democrats are going ape over the Census restoring the citizenship question to the census form. Democrats are saying that this is unprecedented, but the real unprecedented action was Obama not having it on the 2010 census form. I checked – even back in 1870, we were asking the citizenship of the respondent. The real concern Democrats have here: if House seats and government funds are to be allocated by citizenship, then Democrat States stand to lose a lot of money and power.

The Palestinian Authority is going to stay in the paying terrorists for being terrorists business. Not one more dime should come from us.

The homeless problem – it isn’t really about numbers, but about what to do with people who camp here and there. Some say that mercy requires us to allow them to do so…but that is absurd: allowing human beings to live in unsafe, unsanitary conditions is merciless.

Why the Palestinian Authority is Failing

If you ever wonder why the PA is now pushing Statehood and essentially causing all sorts of trouble, you need look no further than this Bloomberg news story:

…Last week, both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank identified the authority’s financial crisis as a danger to the state-building program which Fayyad’s administration has led over the last two years.

In the last three months, the authority has twice failed to pay salaries to its 150,000 employees on time  and in full.

The success of the state-building plan was one of the reasons cited by Palestinian officials for their decision to go to the United Nations, despite U.S. and Israeli opposition…

The story, itself, is about how Saudi Arabia is pledging $200 million to the PA – missed in the story, because it is an MSM report, is the real issue:  the Palestinian Authority has 150,000 employees.  There are 4,000,000 or so Palestinians…to put it in to American terms, this is the equivalent of us having 11,250,000 federal government employees; right now, there are about 3,000,000 federal employees.  Even if you add in the military, you get nowhere near the proportion of government employees to population of the PA.

What this tells us is that the PA is nothing more than a con job…a way for corrupt oligarchs and appartchiks to latch themselves upon a population and live well.  All that talk of Palestinian Statehood?  All the rancor and blood and gore and mess?  Nothing but a means to an end – and the end is a bunch of people who don’t do a lick of work getting fat off of others.  I’m deadly serious here…we are not faced with a movement of national liberation, but by a group of thugs who want money they didn’t earn.

The main thing to remember about the state of the world today is that in all lands there are people who have figured out how to gain un-earned wealth.  Our liberals think in terms of rich people like corporate CEOs and the like…and they actually do have a bit of a case, but they blow it by not realizing that the corporate CEOs are only a tiny number, at most, of all those living off those who produce wealth.  Here’s a small list of those living off the work of others:

Activists of various stripes (some call them “community organizers”, race-baiting grievance-mongers, Wall Street gamblers (as opposed to actual investors), college professors who let others teach their classes, union bosses, trial lawyers, education administrators, most welfare recipients, layers of corporate and bureaucratic paper pushers who do nothing to help an actual person, most of the people manning NGOs, departments of higher education which don’t produce things like doctors and engineers, probably well more than half the people on disability…and a host of dictators and hangers-on around the world which have fastened themselves on various populations.  They don’t work; they don’t earn their positions (gaining them by favor or by blood); they don’t do anything worthwhile for the whole, human race…but they live well; always vastly better than the general run of the population they live amongst.  The Palestinian Authority is just another one of the scams…a put on using the words of liberation and nationhood to sucker fools in to handing them money and power…and using theft and murder to maintain themselves and gain more.

It is high time we stopped falling for this nonsense…the Palestinians could have State-hood next week with generously drawn borders and massive amounts of financial aid to build their economy…but as long as the Palestinian leadership is made up of thieves, murderers and con-artists, we’ll get nowhere.  They don’t want a functioning State for the Palestinian people to live and build in…if that started up, there’d be no place for the current leadership.  So, they’ll just keep up the wickedness (and why not?  It got their leader a Nobel Prize and themselves well paid sinecures in government) and hope that we keep being suckers, forever.  Same thing with all the other people causing mayhem, misery and murder around the world…they are just after personal power and wealth that they cannot earn in a free society by offering something useful to their fellow citizens.  The sooner we wake up to what they are and start laying stripes on their backs, the quicker we can have peace.

And then we can turn to the con artists in our own land…no need to be quite that harsh as they haven’t actually murdered anyone…but it is high time we stopped kowtowing to their pretensions and their whines and started demanding they pull their weight.  The world will always be a place of sorrow and trial…but no need for us to make it worse by allowing others to take advantage of us.