Ali Akbar: On Mitt Romney

Before any contest was ever held, Romney was pronounced our nominee.

It bugged me. My fellow movement leaders refused to step up (except the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama), my buddies in the press mocked me privately, and operatives shunned my name.

I lead the most prominent and largest contiengent of “Not Mitt” folks over at Supporters of our cause are tens of thousands strong. I’ve signed my name to Op-Eds that have ran in key states during the primary, organized phone banks against Romney, and done at least one hundred interviews pleading our case.

Funny thing happened, we were right. Romney’s policies needed some brushing up, we got the press to stop talking about national polls and start talking about delegates, and we gave Romney a blow in more than a few states.

Furthermore, I endorsed Newt Gingrich right before South Carolina. Newt would have made an excellent President. I liked Newt, not only because he’s a friend, but because he was one of the few that is willing to actually reform entitlements.

It’s over though.

I don’t want — we don’t need a brokered Convention in late August with just weeks to take on President Obama. While Romney has base problems and policies that I think could still use some brushing up, this is a fight we need to happen. We need Romney and Obama to go up against each other. We need both of these candidates to evolve and hear the cry of the people.

I still remain concerned about Romney’s role as our Party leader, his rhetorical capabilities, and how he would govern as President. Hopefully he’ll reassure me over these next weeks, because I would like to work to help defeat Barack Obama. I’ve worked in both Mississippi and Alabama (elections coming up on Tuesday) for years. I want to encourage them to end this contest. This can happen now or in May/June.

Oh, there’s a Senate we have to capture and a House we must defend. This chaos, well, it’s actually the calm before the storm. Let’s save America.

Special thanks to my entire team and some Romney supporters: Bill Murphy, Austin James, Zac Moffatt, Saul Anuzis, and Chandler Epp for keeping your heads screwed on tight while I lobbed cannon balls at your castle.

P.S. I wasn’t as close to Andrew Breitbart as I should’ve been. We had a working relationship on a few things though. And he was always willing to talk to me about non-political things. Before his passing though, he warned us all — Barack Obama is dangerous and we must support anyone willing to go up against him. I’m not there yet Andrew, but with recent revelations I’m beginning to understand more about that danger. And it scares me. I believe in America.