The Turning Point

I didn’t write about the raid yesterday because I was so furious I probably would have written something intemperate. I am much more calm now. But no less determined.

The “warrant” was signed off by an Obama-donating attorney who helped some of Epstein’s people skate – and tells you all you need to know: he just did what he was told. Apparently, he’s some sort of federal magistrate who normally handles routine federal matters…not signing off on warrants for an unprecedented raid on a former President.

The story is that they say that Trump violated some provision of the records laws. This is bull and you know it: we have learned from experience that Trump keeps his legal affairs in order. If he does have any documents from his Administration, then he has them perfectly legally. What they were really doing was a fishing expedition…trying to find in some of Trump’s most personal and private information something – anything – they can hang an insurrection charge on relating to January 6th. This tells you that in all their investigations so far, they’ve found nothing like that. If they had, they would have already indicted Trump for it and brought him in front of a DC jury which would know their job was to convict, facts be damned. But they have to have something – because if they tried to indict over nothing, Trump’s lawyers would get the indictment tossed at the federal appellate level. A secondary effort here would be to simply intimidate Trump’s people…to scare them into cooperating (ie, lying) in exchange for immunity. I doubt they’ll get that: the people around Trump at this late a date are the loyal of the loyal.

The whole thing is simply infuriating – Hunter Biden is on record violating a host of federal laws and he’s walking free, making money and laughing it up with the Big Guy. The Big Guy, himself, is hip deep in Hunter’s corruption. The Clinton’s were never raided even though we know – for absolute fact – that they illegally mishandled official documents. Epstein is dead and Maxwell is convicted but not a single client of theirs has been indicted (which tells you that the bulk of their clients were on the Left – the Democrats would sacrifice a large number of their own if they could get a dozen or so GOPers in jail over Epstein). We live in a two-tiered justice system…those who are favored by the Ruling Class skate, while ours are raked over on trumped up charges.

Over and over again in the past 24 hours I’ve seen people come to Trump’s defense – with large numbers of people getting determined – as I am – to see him back into the White House in 2024. And we’re taking names on the GOP side – Senator Scott made a typical RINO statement on an MSM show, got roasted for it and came out hours later with a strong condemnation of the raid. The litmus test for being involved in GOP politics going forward is condemnation of the raid…and if (when) we take back Congress, it’ll be how much pain we put Democrats through over it. We are all in a mind to punish – to make them, for once, feel the heat they’ve joyfully directed at us for decades.

In the primary elections on Tuesday, there seems to have been quite a surge in GOP voting and, more particularly, GOP voting for Trump-endorsed candidates. People are furious and ready to take action.

I hope this is the turning point – the final pebble that starts the avalanche. It isn’t time to just talk, it is time for action. I still prefer the abolition of the FBI, but if we can’t get that, then we certainly need a massive housecleaning. There are no good apples – if there were, they would have immediately resigned when news of the raid got out. From top to bottom, the bureaucracy is run by and for the DNC…that has to end, even if we literally have to fire every last one of them and start all over.

Because Revolution is our only way out of this – fortunately, we still retain the means the Founders gave us to make Revolution at the ballot box. I do believe they went a step too far here. In their desperation to remove Trump from the political field (they know he’ll beat them in 2024), all they’ve done is shown their fear and united their opponents.