Open Thread

The Notre Dame fire has revealed an intense level of hatred among the global left for the West. We knew it was there, but when you see the some on the left cheering a burning church, you know you’ve got a problem. They hate us and want us gone – and they are allying with the most vicious parts of Jihadist Islam. We’re in for some bad times.

Its pretty much a given that the Obama Administration spied on President Trump – the only question remaining is, who ordered it? Does it go all the way up to Obama? It could: it would take a really gutsy subordinate to order such a thing without the President’s knowledge.

Bill Weld (R But Really D-MA) is going to challenge Trump in the GOP primary. Not a single person on Earth, including Weld, knows why.

Jewish voters are upset with the Democrats defense of anti-Semites. I look at it like this: if you’re in any way a Jew, you’re going to abandon the Democrat party. It is as simple as that – just as all real Catholics are abandoning the Democrat party. The Jews (and Catholics) who retain their Democrat registration are no more than nominally part of their religion. You can’t be in a party which rejects everything you believe in.

Steyn points out a rather large SJW flaw.

Valerie Jarrett wrote a book which sucks so bad she had to manipulate sales to show up on the best seller lists. My view: I bet the manipulation was done with the knowledge of the list makers. No way in heck will the Progressives allow someone like Jarrett to fail – she’s all they want: a mean spirited, anti-American creep. As an aside, Matt and I – still making money off Worst nearly 3 years after it came out – wonder how many sports cars and mansions we’d own if a major publisher had picked it up back in 2016. There’s a huge amount of talent out there which doesn’t go anywhere because the people who decide are slaves to the powerful.