The Republic of Stupid

I didn’t actually watch the oral arguments at the Supreme Court over Pudding Brain’s vaccine mandates but quotes of Kagan and Sotomayor demonstrated an amazing ignorance from both of them on Covid and legal issues. They were using made up figures about Covid and Sotomayor revealed she has never read the Constitution when she wondered why if a State has a power, why doesn’t the Federal government have it?

Now, this wasn’t mere ignorance and dishonesty – both Kagan and Sotomayor were put on the Court because they are stupid and are willing to lie to support whatever the Left wants. They are there to place a veneer of legality on Progressive power grabs. But take a look at Sotomayor’s career – editor of the Yale law journal, appointed to the Federal bench by the Elder Bush, confirmed 68-31 for the Supreme Court. She doesn’t know anything and is a liar and she cruised to the heights of the American legal system with bi-partisan support.

This isn’t an accident. It is deliberate. Moronic lies are the desired outcome. Somebody along the line should have noticed that Sotomayor is a stupid liar and deep sixed her career. Nobody did. Which means either that those who advanced her are stupid liars or they knew precisely what they were getting and wanted it.

As for me, I mostly go with her ushers being stupid liars. I think we’ve had a negative feedback loop in leadership which over generations has ensured that those who advance are increasingly stupid and dishonest. This goes for both government and corporate leadership. We have a government of, by and for the stupid – who are also greedy and self assured, as stupid people usually are.

Think about this: Pudding Brain let a contract for making Covid test kits which won’t result in any kits being produced until 2024. I get it – some donor needed to be paid off and this was the selected means. But 2024? That is just stupid. Anyone who sees it knows that it is mere corruption. A clever crook would have put out that it’ll be ready right away and then explain away the delays which make it off line until 2024. Step by step, right? No: they just go on and tell us “we’re stealing money.”

So many things go on which even when you account for Fallen human nature just make no sense. We expect government projects to be shot through with corruption, especially when Democrats are in. But we don’t even get the stated result. Biden shut down the pipeline and said he’d provide green jobs for the laid off workers. How hard would it be to come up with some BS, make-work positions at ten times the cost to the taxpayer? Not hard at all. The old corrupt party bosses would have that rolling in a few weeks. These guys? A year later and nothing. It is, as I’ve said, simply stupid.

It has been going on for a while – once you start putting “stupid” as the reason, the strategy in Vietnam starts to make sense: it was run by morons who were promoted to their positions by other morons, who always worked diligently to keep out of power anyone who wasn’t stupid. And it was all reported on by other morons, so the American people never got anything other than a stupid story about a stupid strategy. And then we, the people, get to make the final say with our votes…but we’re voting on which bit of idiocy gets the green light.

I think that, in part, is what shocked the political system about Trump. Whether or no he’s the very stable genius he claimed to be, he’s not an idiot. We simply have to accept that by now: he’s been investigated top to bottom by local, State and federal agencies who are staffed with dishonest idiots who would charge him with anything, if they could find it. Nothing. He’s smart enough to keep his affairs in order…he’s not, say, Hunter Biden putting all the incriminating evidence on his laptop and then leaving it at the repair shop. He breezed into town and started asking people do to non-idiot things and it simply scared the heck out of them. This is Trump vs his opponents:

But how do we escape? We’re stuck in the asylum and morons are running the show. Our best bet is that alternative media starts to really take off – because once we do have an independent media (Fox does not count) then it really just becomes a matter of pointing out how dumb they all are. Ridicule is a powerful tool, after all. But, meanwhile, we’re stuck in the Republic of Stupid, trying to work our way around the Idiocracy.