Open Thread

Two GOP councilmembers in New Jersey have been murdered in the past week. Could be just sad coincidence but the GOP is making inroads in New Jersey. Remember, we came within an ace of winning the governorship in 2021. I would not put it past Democrats to try some direct action – especially as their hate-filled rhetoric about the GOP has already primed the pump. We in the USA are not at all used to political violence, though it has become fairly common since the rise of the new left in the late 1960s; but it has all been from the left. The Ruling Class has been trying to make out that it is the right fomenting hatred and carrying out acts of violence but the bottom line is that, upon investigation, we either find that the violence wasn’t political at all, or it was actually carried out by a leftist. But – and here’s the kicker – as more and more violence is directed against the GOP, it will eventually provoke a backlash. That is the worry: because the GOP is far better armed than the left, but that would just get the authorities to be even harsher against real rightwing violence…which would, in turn, provoke yet more violence. Could get real dicey in America real fast.

Its on Twitter but you’ll want to click this and read the whole thread – its a bit of whistleblowing by a lady who used to work at a transgender clinic. The story she details of the kids who are being ruined by a rush to transition them is horrifying. It speaks of the need for a national ban on medical transition for minors. But beyond that, we do have to start figuring out just why this thing – youth transitions – came upon us so suddenly and was so uniformly accepted and enforced by the Ruling Class. Think back and try to remember when you first heard of sex changes for kids: it wasn’t but a few years ago. We had all heard of sex changes, of course; as early as the 1970’s it was something being done. Even made it into popular culture on TV by the 1980’s. But this thing of children going through medical transitions with hormones and irreversible surgery is new – but is now in government and the media the accepted and enforced norm. You aren’t allowed to question it: if you do, you are a transphobic bigot who wants kids to commit suicide.

My guess: we’ve seen just how really creepy the Ruling Class is. From Epstein Island to Weinstein to scores of other cases of well-known people turning out to be sexual degenerates, we now know that those at the top of the social and economic heap are just lousy people who sexually abuse people all the live long day. And those we can’t prove involved clearly must have known all about it and yet didn’t tell. In and amongst all this is the bubbling accusation – but still no major confirmed case – of these creeps sexually abusing minors. The stories are all over the place and they are uniformly condemned as conspiracy theories…and, heck, some of the more bizarre conspiracy theories about it might be floated by the perpetrators so that, by putting out something ridiculous, they can lump more realistic accusations in with the crazy assertions. Be that as it may, there are in my view enough credible stories – including about some pretty famous people – engaging in inappropriate relations with minors that I suspect at least a portion of them to be true. And, if so, what better way to get out from underneath legal jeopardy than by normalizing it? Turning it into something unimportant? And, hey, if a six year old can come out as Trans and if a 14 year old can consent to permanent, surgical removal of healthy organs, even if the parents object, then just what can’t a kid consent to? To put it bluntly: I think all of this was started or at least latched on to by people who are trying to normalize sexual debauchery before they get caught. What Hefner did for fornication and adultery – make it socially acceptable so that fornicators and adulterers could hold their heads up in public – so the people pushing for transitioning kids hope to do for groomers.

Pudding Brain and the Democrats are accusing the GOP of wanting to cut Social Security. It is a lie but it is a lie the Democrats always fall back on because lies work. They especially work with people who watch a lot of TV – which includes a high proportion of seniors. The GOP is always blindsided by this lie and there’s always some GOPer out there who will float the idea of cutting benefits, thus providing grist for the Democrat lie mill. It is time to get out in front of it and put the Democrats on the defensive. Propose a law which prohibits a reduction in benefits regardless of the funds available in SS. In other words, when the SS “trust fund” (which doesn’t really exist) goes belly up in 2035 then the shortfall is just drawn out of the discretionary budget. See where I’m going with this? If SS needs an extra $100 billion in 2035 then it gets it…and that means of the money appropriated for discretionary spending in 2035, $100 billion of it just “poof” vanishes. It would force Congress to act – either to cut discretionary spending or raise taxes. You and I don’t want a tax hike, but that is still preferable to the phony accounting gimmicks Congress has been using to pretend that SS is financially sound. The added benefit is that the GOP will be seen as leading the charge on absolutely ensuring that granny gets her SS and it takes away a very effective lie for the Democrats.