21% Support Obama Plan to Bail Out Democrat Donors

Otherwise known as Obama’s program to have government run GM:

Only 21% of voters nationwide support a plan for the government to bail out General Motors as part of a structured bankruptcy plan to keep the troubled auto giant in business.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% are opposed to a plan that would provide GM with $50 billion in funding and give the government a 70% ownership interest in the company.

Even when presented with the stark choice between providing government funding or letting GM go out of business, only 32% of voters support the bailout. Most voters (56%) say it would be better to let GM go out of business.

All we’re doing is providing sinecures for liberal Democrats and keeping afloat that huge source of Democrat funding and support, the United Auto Workers. Obama’s plan isn’t just one of those mistaken things, it’s downright stupid. For America, that is. For Democrats, it will work out pretty well – they’ll be able to insert surplus liberals into the GM corporate structure while at the same time ensuring a continuing flow of political donations. The only people getting screwed in this are the American people – and we know what Democrats think of them (hint: they think that those Americans who return from war should be considered potential terrorists).

I love my Chevy Malibu, but I won’t buy another GM vehicle as long as I live – just can’t trust that any money I spend on GM products won’t merely be used to support politicians I oppose.