Where Obama Should Make His Address to the "Moslem World"

Not in Cairo:

…I now propose to Obama in good faith: change the venue to New Delhi. After all, India’s Muslim population is the world’s third-largest at 158 million, just under Pakistan’s 175 million and Indonesia’s 200 million. Speaking from an Indian podium, Obama could say something like this:

I have come hear to address the Muslims of the world on Indian soil to emphasize that there is life after the end of Islam’s status as a state religion. As a minority, Indian Muslims have had to maintain their communal life without a link between mosque and state, and by and large they have succeeded. It has not been easy. On occasion Indian Muslims have been provoked to violence against their more numerous Hindu neighbors, as in the state of Gujarat in 2002, and the Hindu response was horrendous. India’s Muslims have learned that extremists in their ranks will call vengeance down upon their communities. They demonstrated sagacity in their refusal to bury in consecrated ground the Muslim terrorists killed last year in Mumbai.

Muslims around the world should look to India as an example of moderation and co-existence. Whether they like it or not, Muslims will remain a minority in the world, a minority that cannot defend itself against the superior technology and military culture of other countries. Its legitimate aspirations must lead it to moderation and compromise. The alternative could be quite nasty.

That sort of speech would get the undivided attention of the Muslim world. Anything else will lend credibility to the Islamists and foster triumphalism.

Obama believes that the “Moslem World” (so-called) will change its tune on the theory that the “Moslem World” was mad at us because of President Bush and other heinous American crimes. Obama is being taught that his belief is wrong – thus far, however, Obama hasn’t picked up the clues (you know, like Iran going bonkers with nuclear programs and the Palestinians assuming Obama will help turn out the current Israeli government), but if Obama were to change the venue and see the reaction, he’d understand.

He’d get a good reaction among our friends among the Moslems – ie, those who have bled along side us in Iraq and Afghanistan – while he’d get a bad reaction from just the sort of people who think he’s a patsy…the Islamo-fascist terrorist we’ve been fighting against for years now…in a war, not in an “overseas contingency operation”. Let us hope that Obama finally opens his eyes.