Joe Wilson Just Expressed What is in Our Hearts

To be sure, he should not have jumped up and shouted during the President’s speech – that is the sort of rude tactic our leftwingers use. It is right and proper that he has apologized for his action – but by very rude means, all Wilson did was tell the truth – Obama is lying through his teeth about what his health care plan will do.

It is the height of absurdity to claim that a bill which has no bar to illegals won’t cover illegals. It is equally absurd to propose covering more people, more of the time, for more things and say this will reduce the costs of health care. The final absurdity if Obama’s assertions that he’s willing to work with Republicans – we’ve been shut out of the debate, especially in the House.

In this supreme act of rudeness, we might find the final awakening of the American people – in the end, after all, just what were we GOPers doing in Congress last night? We were merely a prop – something to allow Obama to look more impressive as he peddled his falsehoods about health care. Wilson should not have jumped up, but Wilson should not have been there – no Republican should have. This wasn’t a speech of grave national importance where all Americans must pay heed…this was just a campaign event by a politician who is down in the polls and looking for a means to reshape the debate in his favor.

Ultimately, the worst thing which happened last night was a cheapening of the Presidency and the august event known as a Joint Session of Congress…Wilson’s rudeness just capped the whole affair.

UPDATE: From NRO: “Joe Wilson is Rude But Right