8 Years Since That Day

We all know it is fading from our memory – its there and it will remain with all of us, but the immediacy of the event is long gone. There is, perhaps, a thought that – just maybe – they’ll try again this September 11th, but the general conviction is that we’ve got a handle on those who would harm us at home. Meanwhile, Iraq has faded from view as victory was secured and while Afghanistan is heating up, the President isn’t calling us to support the troops and the left isn’t calling for us to surrender…so passions are stilled in the War on Terrorism.

And yet, it goes on.

Our soldiers are battling our most deadly enemies – we hope with clear direction from the White House, but we’ll only know this in the event. If our arms are continually crowned with victory as they were 2001-09, then we’ll know that Obama is providing proper leadership as Commander in Chief…if we start to falter, then we’ll know where the problem lies. It may be years before we know – unless the enemy does manage to land a big hit on us, here at home.

It could be that the enemy has learned not to overly rouse us. To be sure, Obama gives every sign of being unwilling to hit back, hard, but the enemy cannot be sure that Obama won’t find his spine if we’re heavily attacked. Given this, the enemy might be concentrating effort in other fields. In Afghanistan, of course – but more importantly in Pakistan and in other backwaters of the world where civilization penetrates feebly, if at all.

They are probably recruiting Americans, too – criminals in prison, and fools out of prison, bamboozled in to thinking that America is the problem. Jeremiah Wright was just the tip of an iceberg of idiots when he opined that our chickens are coming home to roost…as if stalwart support of freedom is a chicken we should be wary of. Given the way people like Wright end up lauding people like Castro, I guess this does make some sort of twisted sense. And for every Wright we see there are a hundred below the radar…being filled with hate, and perhaps being filled with a means of acting upon that hate. It is my view that the next major terrorist attack in America will be carried out by Americans, or at least by people long domiciled in America and indistinguishable in their daily life from the average run.

We must, from time to time, remember That Day – the knowledge that you are to be hanged in a fortnight concentrates the mind, it is said…the thought that we might be attacked in another 9/11 should concentrate our minds equally well. They are just waiting for our guard to slip – an unguarded hour, and thousands of us will be dead.

We must, additionally, remember those who have died fighting the enemy – and who continue to fight the enemy, today. They are out there, all the time – one of them happens to be the son of a friend of mine, bravely volunteering to go in to the theater of war to do his bit. All of us are probably only separated by a degree from someone who is or has laid it on the line, if you think about it. And so, a prayer is offered:

For our Commander-In-Chief, President Barack Obama and our political and military leaders that they may tirelessly seek peaceful settlements to international disputes; we pray to the Lord:

That the Lord may preserve the members of our Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force from all harm; we pray to the Lord:

That even in war, we may keep clearly before us the defense of all human rights, especially the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; we pray to the Lord:

That the families, relatives and friends of our military members may be strengthened in this time of concern and anxiety; we pray to the Lord:

That the Lord may help families with men and women in the armed forces to cope with daily challenges in the absence of their loved ones; we pray to the Lord:

That our homeland will be preserved from violence and terrorism; we pray to the Lord:

That the nations of the world will seek to work together in harmony and peace; we pray to the Lord:

That the hearts of all men and women will be moved to pursue true peace and justice; we pray to the Lord:

That violence may be overcome by peace; that weapons of destruction be transformed into tools of justice, and hate give way to true charity; we pray to the Lord:

That grateful for and inspired by those veterans who have given their lives for our country we may bravely face the challenges ahead; we pray to the Lord