"Climategate" and the EPA

The scandal has a direct bearing on US policy:

The emails and computer files from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in Great Britain may prove to be of some importance to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) current attempts to control greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

This is because the EPA — perhaps at the urging of others in the Obama administration — has proposed to regulate GHG emissions on the basis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports … and reports primarily based on the IPCC reports.

This is highly unusual for the EPA. I cannot think of any instance where the EPA depended so heavily on non-EPA synthesis reports to justify proposed regulatory action in their almost 39 years of existence.

As a result of this EPA decision, the EPA’s fortunes in regard to regulating GHGs are directly tied to the fate of the IPCC reports.

Which reports, of course, are bogus because the underlying data are bogus. The underlying argument in favor of regulating CO2 is the theory that human-caused CO2 emissions are a prime driver in increasing global temperatures in a disastrous manner. As global temperatures are not rising and human-caused CO2 is not the primary (or, even partial) culprit, the whole rationale for regulating things like CO2 disappears. However, the left doesn’t want to give up this leverage – this tailor-made “problem” which requires entire control of our lives by a leftist elite. So, we can expect a desperate fight on the part of the left to defend anthropogenic global warming and thus the need to regulate our emissions.

Its all about control, good people – that is all its ever been about since the left first raised its ugly head in the late 18th century. The self-absorbed, sophomoric dolts of the left are convinced that they, and only they, know what is best and are determined to force everyone else in to their mold. The battle is joined – and if we can kick out the support of global warming, we can start the process of entirely restoring our nation.