Democrat Governors Wary of Obamacare

When your own side is having trouble swallowing the pill, you’ve got some trouble:

Republican governors are not alone in being concerned about what the proposed health care legislation might mean for their already overstrained budgets: Democrats share the same worries.

“We’ve got concerns,” Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware said in an interview Wednesday, hours before getting elected as the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. “And we’re doing our best to communicate them. We understand the need to get something done, and we’re supportive of getting something done. But we want to make sure it’s done in a way that state budgets are not negatively impacted.”

The issue here is that Reid, et al are lying through their teeth on the budget impact of Obamacare – and one of the ways they lie is by attempting to pass all sorts of new costs on to the States, and thus off the federal government’s books. The “Louisiana Purchase” was all about this – a special deal for which would offset the costs being piled on a State in return for Landreiu’s vote (yes, its corrupt and dishonest – but when has that ever stopped a Democrat?).

For the Democrat governors who will have to deal with these massive, new spending requirements its another story – they can’t help Reid pass the legislation and the Democrat party won’t need any governors as Presidential material until 2016 (Obama being certain to be re-nominated in a walk over in 2012) – and thus the Democrat powers that be are more than willing to throw them under the bus. But that is not where they, the governors, want to be thrown. They’d all like to get re-elected, and thus, so they are worried about budget-busting federal requirements on Obamacare.

It’d be nice if we could get some principled, Democrat support for rationality on health care – but it looks like we’ll just have to concentrate on self-interest on the part of individual Democrats; peeling off as many as we can who feel directly threatened in their political future.