Immigration Reform: Secure the Border, First

That is the demand – and Democrats and RINOs ignore this at their political peril:

With lawmakers on Capitol Hill reviving debate over a comprehensive immigration overhaul bill, Republicans and border-state residents are urging congressional leaders not to lift a legislative finger until they’ve dealt with border security.

Violence on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border is raging. On Friday, gunmen killed seven police officers in Ciudad Juarez across the border from El Paso, Texas. The Juarez drug cartel claimed responsibility for the brazen attack.

Gunmen attacked another government convoy on Saturday in the western state of Michoacan — in a sign that the cartels have shifted tactics and are starting to target law enforcement and government officials, as opposed to rival gangs.

U.S. authorities suspect an illegal immigrant murdered Arizona rancher Robert Krentz on March 27.

If Democrats press for anything even remotely resembling amnesty without first securing the borders, then that in and of itself will cost them 50 House seats. Even people some distance from the border (such as us here in Las Vegas) have the same demand: secure the border. Don’t do anything before that – don’t try to put border security with anything else.

Just secure the border. Because we don’t trust the government, at all – so, any attempt to do anything along side or instead of border security will be viewed as a slap in the face as well as a dereliction of duty. The government is already overwhelmingly unpopular – something like this would be just what is needed to turn a big year of political change in to a revolutionary, political tsunami.

UPDATE: Poll – 60% back AZ law.