Misunderestimating Sarah Palin

Ian Lazaran over at Conservatives for Palin has a long article debunking yet another anti-Palin hit piece, this one in The New Yorker. My hat is off to Lazaran for being willing to slog through yet another tedious, mendacious liberal attack on Sarah Palin.

Liberals (and a selection of sorta-conservatives) do this because they hate Sarah Palin. They hate her because she’s everything they despise. A woman who is a conservative. A mother who didn’t stop after having a designer child. A wife who loves and admires her husband. A friend who won’t kick you to the curb in order to advance a career. A target of media slanders who will neither curry favor nor fly off the handle.

We once upon a time had another one of these in politics. His name was Ronald Reagan.

Know what I think? I think that if she runs, she’ll win the Republican nomination and be the next President of the United States. The only person who has a realistic chance of derailing the Palin Express is Governor Christie – and that only if he manages to turn New Jersey around. Why should this be? Two reasons:

1. In an increasingly anti-establishment political climate, Palin is the ultimate outsider. As it works out right now, the more the elite attack her, the more viable she becomes. They are making a heroine out of her – there will be quite a lot of “if they hate her, then she must be good” among the electorate.

The people are tired of career politicians who only care about advancing their career. Palin’s resignation of the governorship will not be a liability by 2012 but, instead, proof that she doesn’t need office in order to feel complete. In or out, she’s going to be comfortable with herself.

2. She’s really quite a lot smarter than her critics. Like so many other conservatives in the past – especially Ronald Reagan – Palin has been tagged as “dumb” because she didn’t attend an elite university and hasn’t read all the book the elite think important. They think like that because it is what they have and they think they’re smart – ergo, if you don’t have it, you’re not smart.

But Palin has been running rings around them from day one (Reagan did, too – and so, to only a slightly lesser extent, did President Bush). Its not a matter of staying a step ahead, its a matter of Palin being in a whole, different intellectual league. Not fettered by the idiocies of orthodox liberalism, Palin is free to think – to see things as they are and devise ways and means based upon actual facts.

Now, will she run? Beats all heck out of me. Does this mean I’m endorsing her for the primary? Not at all – I haven’t settled on whom I’ll support and my support in the primary is always lent to the person I think most in tune with my ideas, which isn’t necessarily the person who can win. If I had to make any sort of declaration right now, I’d have to say Jindal is my man…but he’ll probably end up as HHS Secretary in the Palin Administration.

But I’m going to stick with this – if she runs she will win, with the only joker in the deck being Governor Christie. If he’s a sitting governor who has cured New Jersey, then than will be very hard to beat. Though, of course, one could easily see a Palin/Christie ticket (or Palin/Jindal, or Palin/Gingrich, or Palin/West…any of these four would perfectly dove-tail in to a Palin-headed ticked).

So, keep misunderestimating her, liberals – it will make her swearing in that much more fun to watch…especially if the camera cuts to Obama while its happening.