Democrats Attempt to Disenfranchise Military Voters. Again.

Because it doesn’t matter how you win, just as long as you do, as far as our Democrats are concerned – from Fox News:

Sens. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Michael Bennet of Colorado are just two incumbents locked in tight re-election races in states where local officials have warned they will likely not be able to ship out general election ballots to overseas military voters by the Sept. 18 deadline.

Both Democrats’ race are listed as “toss-ups” by, and military ballots could make the difference…

A total of 10 States are seeking a waiver and there simply cannot be a reason for such. This isn’t rocket science – its just a matter of mailing the dratted things out. Given that this is military ballots, failure works out to an un-American act…and no person who knows the history of Democrat electoral corruption will be surprised that a lot of the affected States have Democrats locked in tight battles.

Matt and I over the years have chronicled the Democrats’ endless attempts to disenfranchise military voters – Democrats don’t like military votes because military personnel tend to back candidates with at least some common sense and some willingness to put country first, and this excludes most elected Democrats. It is simply disgusting that Democrats would do this – but also par for the course.

If we are awarded power by the American people in November, it will be our job to investigate all of the corruption which has gone on under Democrat rule. And finding why military votes keep getting spiked by Democrats will be a top priority.