Don't Let the Day Go By

I sit here at the moment in profound distress – my brother is dead. When I was a little boy, he was my hero – more than 5 years older than I, he seemed to be the person who could do anything. As time when on and we both aged, estrangement set in – we could no longer reach each other. Our paths were sundered, partially by choice, partially by happenstance. And so it went, year after year, each of us living our own lives – touching only briefly, and usually in some sort of conflict.

You can never tell when will be the last time you see or speak to someone in this world – remember that! You are promised not even the next minute, let alone the next day. Part from those you know and love as if if will the last time until the life of the world to come. Never part in anger, never part in indifference. Embrace those around you, express your love – forgive all injuries, and beg forgiveness for your errors. You may not get another chance to, in this world.

Don’t get caught by surprise – don’t have a phone call come which tells you that you can no longer say or do anything. That all has been said and all has been done – always say the final thing, “I love you”; “please forgive me”; “I forgive you”. Our Lord said that He comes like a thief in the night, and no truer or more apt words were ever spoken to us – you do not know, so always act as if it is just about to happen. Let all petty angers and jealousies subside – they are unimportant, and you’ll regret them, if you don’t let them go.

Don’t let the day go by – it is your last, and one day it surely will be.