Cuomo Getting Worried in New York

From the NY Daily News:

Stung by Carl Paladino’s … attacks, an angry Andrew Cuomo summoned his war council on Monday to figure out how to fight back against his slash-and-burn GOP rival…

According to Rasmussen, Cuomo holds a 54-38 lead in polling. If you’re really ahead by that much then you grandly ignore your opponent (as, for the most part, Brian Sandoval is doing out here in Nevada regarding his opponent, little Rory Reid). You stick to generalities and do a lot of glad handling at friendly venues. You might agree to one debate with your opponent, but only after you’ve really secured the public’s perception of yourself and your campaign. You don’t call a war council to figure out how to hit back.

What this means, I bet, is that Cuomo’s people have done some internal polling and found out that if Paladino can get his message widely distributed, it will resonate with New York voters. They are afraid of the man, period.

One need only go to Paladino’s website to see why – every non-New Yorker kind of has a vision of what New Yorkers are like. You know: brash, to put it mildly. As in:

The arrest rate in the New York State Legislature is 10 percent – higher than that of teenaged boys in New York City. If we really want to fight crime, we should start in the Capitol Building…

But aside from a vigorous personality and a clear willingness to go toe to toe with the Ruling Class, Paladino also has ideas which are common-sense, bedrock American ideas. As a for-instance – tax cuts to spur business; welfare reform to ensure all able-bodied people at least do some sort of work; proposals to hold school administrators responsible for failed schools… On down the line, Paladino is clearly in tune with the people on the issues, and has just as clearly thought through what he thinks needs to be done.

Meanwhile, what of Cuomo? Riding his daddy’s coat tails. Seriously – anyone out there want to argue that Cuomo would have got anywhere if his dad hadn’t been governor of New York?

The people of New York have a choice to make – vote for a man of the People, or vote for a man of the Ruling Class. I think, in the end, the people of New York will choose wisely.