What to do for Economy? Extend the Bush Tax Cuts

Hey, it isn’t just me and the rest of the conservatives saying this:

…a majority of a panel of leading economists surveyed by CNNMoney.com said that the tax cuts should be renewed for everyone.

The first in a series of economic surveys revealed that extending the tax cuts for all taxpayers is the most important thing Congress can do to help the economy. Of the 31 economists surveyed, 18 chose that from a list of options now being debated on Capitol Hill…

Unless you liberals out there want to consider a panel put together by CNN as being part of the Vast, Right Wing Conspiracy, I think its time that everyone admitted that retaining the tax cuts is just economic rationality. I know you liberals out there want to keep playing the class warfare game, but isn’t it time that all good people started to rally ’round their country? Increasing taxes during a recession is suicidal.

Ultimately, of course, it is the debt which threatens us – but the only way to get a handle on debt is by deep cuts to spending. It is far too much to ask a Democrat government to cut spending, but we can at least keep the burden off the backs of the people by retaining the current tax rates…perhaps next year we’ll have a Congress which can cut spending…but, right now, we can and must retain the Bush tax cuts just to keep things afloat for a while.