Election Day Open Thread (Bumped)

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Calling the Races:

They’re starting to call the races – Rand Paul wins in Kentucky. We’ll see how this goes. Hold on to your hats!

Marco Rubio wins!

Rumor Mill: Reid doing well. Could be – but I’m still counting on Sharron Angle. With 56% disapproval, I just can’t see my fellow Nevadans falling for it.

Ayotte (R) wins in New Hampshire.

DeMint re-elected.

Blumenthal holds Connecticut for Democrats. I guess in CT brazen lies are acceptable. And O’Donnell will come up short.

Exit polls supposedly say 50 seat House and 7 seat Senate GOP gain…I think that is the floor, not the ceiling.

Roy Blunt (R) wins in Missouri.

Drudge is reporting record turn out in Washington – Go Dino!

Toomey/Sestak too close to call.

Illinois (Barry’s old seat) too close to call.

In the House, it is shaping up to be a bad night for the Dems.

Alan Grayson goes down in Florida – that, in and of itself, makes this a great night for the United States of America.


Boozman wins in Arkansas Senate race.

Toomey wins in PA! (oops, not yet: but he’s surging late)

Synder (R) wins MI governorship; Perry crushes White in TX; Wisconsin too close to call.

Big turn out reported in Carson City – that is Angle Country.

Report on Twitter: NBC says GOP will win the House. We’ll wait before we pop the corks.

Rand Paul: Deliberate this – why do we have to balance our budgets but the government doesn’t?

Frank wins – stupid Massachusettsans!

Rubio: We make a grave mistake if we think this is an endorsement of the GOP…this race is about the future of this country.

Allen West leading in Florida.

GOP wins PA Governorship.

In MI, Congressman-for-life Dingell slightly behind…

Bye, bye Feingold in WI – and hello Governor Haley in SC!

Polling glitch in Clark County may delay Nevada results…

Brown wins in CA – California is DOOMED!!!

Stupid, STUPID, STUPID!!!! Californians. For goodness sake, the State is bankrupt and they just elected people who’s only plan is to bankrupt it some more. No bailouts for CA – not a dime of Federal money for them when the poop hits the fan.

Until a few minutes ago, at least, they were still lined up to vote in Elko – that is Double Plus Wow Angle Country…

NV-2 CD stays GOP; GOP doing well in some State legislative seats; NM Gov goes GOP – a wise Latina (ie, a Republican) wins.

CBS has Angle up 49/45 over Reid – don’t know what part of the State has reported yet. Reid needs a big day in Clark County to win.

Now Toomey wins – lets hope its an omen for what will happen in NV!

Speaker-elect Boehner: not a time for celebration; once we’ve fixed America, then we can celebrate.

Little Rory Reid loses his gubernatorial bid. Now, for Harry.

GOP wins Barry’s Senate seat in Illinois.

Harry Reid wins in Nevada – sorry, fellow Americans; he just barely made it.

As a word of explanation, we were voted the most stupid Sate in the nation, so cut us some slack…

So far, the GOP has picked up 7 State legislatures…its a wipe out of the Democrats with an annoyance in the Senate.

Caddell: This is the worst outcome imaginable for Democrats; official control of the Senate with Reid still lingering on while actual control goes to the GOP while the House is firmly in GOP hands.