Well, Heck, I Got Nothing to Write About

Its here! Election day! Woohoo!

All that is about finally being rid of Harry Reid ads – boys and girls, you simply don’t know what sort of punishment Harry has been inflicting on us over the past 6 months!


There really isn’t much to write about until the exit polls start leaking about noon, Eastern. As usual, treat any early exit polls with caution – the MSM is still in bed with the Democrats and they may, once again, try to depress GOP turnout by leaking stories of an alleged fizzle for the GOP. None of us can really know what will happen – and there still is that chance that Democrats will do better than expected. The only thing to do is to vote (if you haven’t already) and then just see what happens – the decision is made, we’re just waiting for the results.

Whether it winds up just a good win for the GOP or surges to a wipe out for the Democrats really doesn’t matter too much – the main thing is that this election is a resounding rejection of Obama’s liberalism. It is not – NOT – an embrace of the GOP, at least not yet. We’re a party on probation. If we do the right thing, then we’ll be handed a generation of power come 2012. If we screw it up, then we’re done for (so are Democrats, though if the GOP melts down, they might eke out a win in 2012, but that will be the last of it). Revolution is in the air – the people want genuine, fundamental change back to our old, Constitutional Republic. We deliver that we’re going to be fine – and, more important, save our country.

I’ll be out and about a bit today (do have to do that voting thing, and have several engagements ’round town in to the afternoon). I’ll be here in the evening, starting before the polls close in the east – and then we’ll carry on…though if the House goes GOP early, I might head out to one of the GOP victory parties to join the Rally to Destroy Sobriety.

Go vote; pray for our country – and let’s just see what happens.