A Christian Province in Iraq?

Iraqi President Talibani has no objection:

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on Wednesday that he has no objection to form a special province for Christians in Iraq.

“There are regions with Christian majority in Iraq and we do not have an objection regarding forming a special province for Christians in Iraq,” the president told France 24 television.

“Protecting Christians is a holy duty for Iraqi government and all political blocs,” he continued, asserting that Shiites have expressed their readiness to form armed teams to help and protect Christians…

This is an act of wisdom and justice on the part of the Iraqi President and I applaud him for it. This is also the fruits of liberation in Iraq – in most Muslim nations the merest thought of Christians being able to rule themselves in an outrage. The fact that in Iraq people now have to try and live and build in a society at least partially free means that such things as anti-Christian persecution cannot be swept under the rug.

A province of Assyria (which I assume it would be called – most Iraqi Christians are Assyrian), would provide a safe haven for Iraqi Christians, allow them to prove their loyalty to the nation of Iraq by working for Iraqi peace and prosperity, and give weight to efforts elsewhere in Iraq to protect the Christian minority. I hope our government engages the Iraqi government on this issue and offers whatever aid is necessary to bring it about.