Miller Isn't Giving Up in Alaska

From NRO’s The Corner – some claims of voter irregularity:

…The Miller campaign has posted on their site three affidavits from voters concerned that irregular activity occurred at their polling places. One says that, although he was the tenth voter at his location, he saw a ballot box stuffed with “hundreds” of ballots. Another claims that the 15 write-in ballots she reviewed had Sen. Lisa Murkowski written in in what looked like similar enough handwriting that it could be from the same person.

“Our campaign has sworn affidavits identifying unsecured ballot boxes, other precincts where numerous ballots appear to be in the same handwriting, others where there is 100 percent voter turnout and still other precincts where the ballots were sent to the Division of Elections presorted by U.S. Senate candidate,” said Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto in a statement. “These and other irregularities give our campaign pause. Alaskans must be able to trust the results of its elections.”…

Precincts with 100% turnout are so unlikely as to be circumstantial evidence, in and of themselves, of voter fraud. People die and move away – the chances of 100% of the people in a precinct’s voter roll showing up to vote are vanishingly small…and if it is further discovered that they cast their votes disproportionately for one candidate over another, that is just more evidence of fraud. If Miller really has the goods here, then we’ve got something that needs very close examination.

NRO notes a liberal over at HuffPo who also have questions about the ballot – including the oddity of surprisingly different vote numbers for different State-wide races (I have the same question about our Nevada Senate race which got 15% more votes than other State-wide races, though HuffPo says the oddity is that the AK Senate race got far less votes than the AK gubernatorial contest. I eagerly await precinct level vote totals being made available – the NV SecState says we’ll have them soon).

We’ll have to see where this leads and if I were Miller and had credible evidence of voter fraud, I wouldn’t give up, either…even if the votes were clearly going against me. Voter fraud cuts at the heart of our democratic form of government and must be rooted out.