Nikki Haley, Revolutionary

The Governor-elect of South Carolina gets it – from NRO:

…Republicans currently hold a 75- to 48-seat majority in the state House and a 27-to-19-seat majority in the state Senate. Most governors would be thrilled with those numbers, but Haley’s aspirations go beyond simple partisan advantage.

“I’m not going to settle for a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican governor,” Haley says. “It’s about a conservative House, a conservative Senate, and a conservative governor. It doesn’t matter how many Republicans seats you take if you don’t have conservative seats. So we have to watch the officials being elected.”

For example, Haley says, if any pols coasted on the Tea Party wave in 2010 but do not live up to their conservative billing in coming months, the GOP should “get rid of them.”…

Precisely. Being Republican just isn’t good enough, any more. As a life-long Republican, I’ll be first to want to get rid of any GOPer who doesn’t measure up – in policy and in ethics. We must be the best of the best in politics – a party that strives, daily, to live up to the to the standards of the Americans who voted Republican. We daren’t let our guard down for a moment – both on policy and on personal integrity.

Haley understands this. If we don’t get this kind of party, then we won’t be able to enact the necessary reforms – and so we would not be able to save our nation. We’re bankrupt, weakening around the world and stuck in the morass of a Big Government/Big Corporation/Ruling Class swamp. We must break free of all this, and it will take revolutionary thinking to do it.

The quiet dogmas of a Statist past won’t do for America in 2010 and beyond. We must reach back to Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln and Reagan to find the map back to American greatness. We can do it – and with rising stars like Haley, things are looking very bright.