Open Thread

I do feel sorry for Fetterman – he nearly dies of a stroke and this his wife and friends, instead of caring whether he lives or dies, press him to keep running for an office he was manifestly unfit to serve in. Yes, shame on us for not being able to beat him, but it is simply a crime that he didn’t withdraw from the race. Keep that in mind: the Democrats will do anything to obtain power. They don’t care how much harm it causes…as long as they can get the power, its all good in their view.

The number of train derailments is getting beyond coincidence. If we had an actual FBI, they’d be looking into it to see if foreign actors were involved, directly or indirectly. This doesn’t mean, of course, that it definitely is an attack – but it could be, and we should find out. There is the chance, however, that it is just degraded infrastructure. Remember, the last thing a Democrat infrastructure bill does is provide infrastructure…it provides money for cronies and various BS projects nobody needs. There is no upside for Democrats if rail lines, roads, bridges, etc get built and repaired. There’s no payoff for them – but there’s a huge payoff if you can send a couple million for an anti-racist program to fight systemic racism in the construction industry. Meanwhile, the train derailment in Ohio isn’t the problem – the real problem is that we on the Right have noticed the derailment.

I guess the Democrats have some polling indicating that Haley has strength among some section of the voters because they are going hard after her – with the universal talking point being that she’s a race traitor who uses a “white” name in order to be acceptable to the racist GOP. Day by day, Democrats just get more inhuman an disgusting. I hope that it is turning off ever more people.

Al Sharpton and the Race-Baiter Brigade went down to Florida the other day to protest DeSantis’ education reforms…and it was as if nothing happened. Because, of course, nothing happened. Nothing could happen. DeSantis and the Florida GOP weren’t about to give in to any demands and any effort by Sharpton to gin up violence would have resulted in real arrests…with people going to jail rather than being let off entirely or given small fines. The best news we’ve had of late is that ever more GOPers simply don’t care if they’re called racists. At long last, that false accusation is losing it’s sting. Calling us racists is a stupid and insulting lie – but, they won’t stop it so all we can do is ignore and it and implement policy.

Out and About

Trump won’t be charged for inciting a riot. These people are simply ridiculous.

Google suspended Parler from its app store. They really are going full blast into censorship.

Nikki Haley took a look at her political career and decided to burn it down. She said she wanted to deliver some “hard truths” in her speech to the RNC. What she delivered was idiocy. Look, I can understand if you don’t like Trump but right now, at this moment, if you are a GOPer, you don’t say anything bad about him. Keep your trap shut, ya dig? She opened hers – and she’ll still be hated on the Left, and now is forever mistrusted on the right. She’ll be the Jeb! of 2024.

New York City continues to be destroyed by the Democrats. Freed at last from any loyalty to the old, Corporate GOP, we should have a stunning opportunity here to start pulling Blue city voters over to our side.

How much ammo should you carry? Short answer: how much can you carry?

Murkowski is probably not going to run for re-election in 2022.

Georgia promises election reforms. Right now, we control the whole Georgia government. Put in a few Florida-style reforms, and Georgia might remain competitive for a few cycles (we are losing it: it is getting to be another Virginia…OTOH, North Carolina is becoming another Florida).

Senator Manchin said he wouldn’t go for $2,000.00 in Biden Bucks for ‘Rona relief – but, now maybe he will.

Joe Biden’s paymasters in China are claiming the concentration camps liberate women. Expect more of this as the next four years unfold.

Tim Scott Appointed Senator

From the Washington Post:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) announced Monday that she will appoint Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) to the Senate.

Scott will replace Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who is leaving the chamber in January to head up the conservative Heritage Foundation.

“It is with great pleasure that I am announcing our next U.S. senator to be Congressman Tim Scott,” Haley said. “I am strongly convinced that the entire state understands that this is the right U.S. senator for our state and our country.”

Sen.-designate Scott, 47, will become the only African-American currently serving in the Senate and the first black Republican to serve in the upper chamber since the 1970s. He will also be the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction…

Clearly just a clever plot by those wascally, wacist Wepublicans!  Imagine, the nerve of them!  Having a female, racial minority governor appointing a black man to the Senate?  Obviously, its just to throw dust in everyone’s eyes so they won’t see the Klan hood peaking out…I mean, its not like the two Latino governors of American States are Republican…oh, wait…

Tell ya what, Democrats – you can keep all the old, white guys like Charlie Crist…we’ll go Forward! with people who actually want to make America great again.

Nikki Haley, Revolutionary

The Governor-elect of South Carolina gets it – from NRO:

…Republicans currently hold a 75- to 48-seat majority in the state House and a 27-to-19-seat majority in the state Senate. Most governors would be thrilled with those numbers, but Haley’s aspirations go beyond simple partisan advantage.

“I’m not going to settle for a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican governor,” Haley says. “It’s about a conservative House, a conservative Senate, and a conservative governor. It doesn’t matter how many Republicans seats you take if you don’t have conservative seats. So we have to watch the officials being elected.”

For example, Haley says, if any pols coasted on the Tea Party wave in 2010 but do not live up to their conservative billing in coming months, the GOP should “get rid of them.”…

Precisely. Being Republican just isn’t good enough, any more. As a life-long Republican, I’ll be first to want to get rid of any GOPer who doesn’t measure up – in policy and in ethics. We must be the best of the best in politics – a party that strives, daily, to live up to the to the standards of the Americans who voted Republican. We daren’t let our guard down for a moment – both on policy and on personal integrity.

Haley understands this. If we don’t get this kind of party, then we won’t be able to enact the necessary reforms – and so we would not be able to save our nation. We’re bankrupt, weakening around the world and stuck in the morass of a Big Government/Big Corporation/Ruling Class swamp. We must break free of all this, and it will take revolutionary thinking to do it.

The quiet dogmas of a Statist past won’t do for America in 2010 and beyond. We must reach back to Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln and Reagan to find the map back to American greatness. We can do it – and with rising stars like Haley, things are looking very bright.

Republicans Ride to the Rescue

Of our States, bankrupted by applied liberalism – from the AP:

Incoming Republican governors from Pennsylvania to New Mexico are vowing to keep campaign promises to slice already cut-to-the-bone budgets and balance them without raising taxes.

In doing so, GOP leaders intent on conservative governance signaled a desire to try to fundamentally change state government, shrinking it significantly. And they acknowledged that could mean more job losses and service cuts to already recession-hammered states anticipating more budget trouble ahead.

“While we’re all facing these challenges, there are incredible opportunities for us to go look at what the core missions of government were, and redefine the role,” said South Carolina Gov.-elect Nikki Haley, adding that the institution was never intended to be all things to all people. “We’re going to have to scale back.”…

This will be the proof of our beliefs. If these Republican governors – allied, now, with much stronger State legislative GOP caucuses – can bring spending under control and start to restore prosperity to their States, then that will prove conclusively not only that liberal Big Government is a failure, but that conservative, small government works.

It will be a hard fight – and we’ll find some allegedly Republican elements fighting us tooth and nail. You see, a whole class of people have grown up over the past century as parasites on big government. Huge swaths of supposedly private sector enterprises are dependent upon fat contracts from government. They don’t really compete for business but, instead, grease political palms in return for juicy contracts. They, along with the more traditional Big Government constituencies of the left, will battle fiercely to maintain the gravy train. They don’t want to work – and they don’t want what is best for their States or our nation…they just want their pound of taxpayer flesh.

We can beat them, however. Now, more than any time since FDR, the American people realize that government is the problem, not the solution. Basing ourselves on the 2010 results and acting with courage – as Governor Christie has in New Jersey – we can roll back the moochers and sponges of Big Government. We can free up our economy, free up our people and return to the American way of life. And if we do this – if we fight to win – then we will obtain even more power in 2012, and then be able to get to work nationally on reforming America.

And now, to work.

HAT TIP: Gay Patriot

Racist TEA Party Elects Blacks, Latinos; Liberals Confused

So much for that liberal narrative:

…In New Mexico, Susana Martinez was elected as the nation’s first female Hispanic governor. Nikki Haley, whose parents were born in India, will be the first woman governor in South Carolina, and Brian Sandoval became Nevada’s first Hispanic governor.

Insurance company owner Tim Scott will be the first black Republican congressman from South Carolina since Reconstruction, after easily winning in his conservative district. Scott, a 45-year-old state representative, earned a primary victory over the son of the one-time segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond.

In Florida, veteran Allen West ousted a two-term Democrat to a House seat. He is the first black Republican elected to Congress from Florida since a former slave served two terms in the 1870s…

There will be more of this in the future – conservatism is on the march and minorities are naturally conservative as they have (a) learned how hideous big government is at first hand and (b) if they have any spirit at all they’ll go for free markets and free people as the best means to thrive in the United States.

In the end, of course, the conflict is not between black or white or what have you. Liberals want it to be that because they want to use racial hatred as a means of dividing and conquering the people – but the real battle is between liberty and slavery. Do you wish to be free? If you answer, “yes”, then you’ll eventually go towards conservatism. Those who want someone to look after them (or who wish to look after others, whether they like it or not) will go liberal.

For too long the only leaders minorities have had to look towards in elective office have been nothing more than tools of a rich, elite liberal power structure. Now, more and more they’ll be able to find independent Americans who share their background and have made it by hard work and self-reliance. That will spell the doom for liberal dominance of minority voters – and that is what we, on the right, must work to advance with all our might.