Democrats Become Republican

The Revolution spreads – from Fox News:

Adding insult to injury for their party, at least 13 Democratic state lawmakers have joined the Republican ranks since Election Day — deepening GOP gains and in one case handing the party the state House majority.

Democrats in five states have switched parties since Nov. 2, citing concerns about the economy and the political leanings of their constituents. The defections are a troubling sign for state Democratic operations clinging to life following their election drubbing. Though Republicans’ congressional gains drew more attention, the party picked up more than 675 seats at the state level last month and in some cases took over entire state capitals…

There will be, I bet, more to come on this – including the possibility of some House Democrats switching (and I bet we’ve got a 50/50 shot at poaching Manchin from the Democrats as 2012 approaches – he’s got to run again that year, his State is increasingly GOP and there at very strong chance the GOP will take the Senate in 2012, even if Obama is re-elected…unless he wants to be an unpopular-with-the-caucus, center/right Democrat back-bencher, he’s going to have to make a move). Outside of the liberal bastions, there is just not much to say for being a Democrat – I mean, come on, if you’re a House Democrat, you have to carry the albatross of Pelosi in to 2012…what’s your promise going to be? Vote for me, and I’ll help Nancy back in to the Speaker’s chair?

We’ve been talking of realignment to the center/right since 1980 – and we’re finally at the point where we can make it happen. If we don’t blow it, that is. And let’s remember that we are Republicans – and not called “the stupid party”, for nothing. Vigilance and force are going to be needed to keep our leaders from botching the job.