The Ruling Class Has Bankrupted the World

From Forbes:

The sovereign debt crisis now threatening Europe, as well as major American states and cities, discloses the sheer incompetence of a political class that has over-promised, under-delivered and squandered vast amounts of their citizens’ wealth.

Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, California, Illinois, Los Angeles and Chicago are simply the poster children for what happens when elected officials engage in reckless and irresponsible management of their economies, their banking system or their respective government’s public finances…

Two paragraphs which tell you pretty much all you need to know about the condition we’re in. Though the author should emphasize more that while politicians were leading the charge, there were plenty in big business cheering them on. The people in charge of the show – running Big Government and Big Corporation – have spent us in to oblivion. They did this by taking away our money and giving us slips of paper – and then borrowing like mad against the wealth of the people until we, the people, have little wealth left and massive debts hanging over our heads.

This will all crash and burn. Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year – one day, for certain. It can’t be sustained forever; I’m astounded they’ve managed to keep it together as long as they have. But it will fall apart – not least because while there is still a small and shrinking window of opportunity to dodge the worst of it, our Ruling Class is just continuing to print fake money and borrowing like mad.

Our job is to take back control of our destiny. What happened on November 2nd was just a tiny first step in the process. The Ruling Class doesn’t want to do this as there is no place in such a world for parasites who get rich and powerful by bamboozlement and fraud. And so the entire Ruling Class needs to be tossed out on its ear and a new system developed which rewards hard work, savings and careful investment. Until we do that, we won’t get back to prosperity.

Beware of those who allegedly fret about “extreme” positions. They are the people who keep trying to tell us that Sarah Palin must not be nominated – they were also the people who said we were fools for nominating Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Such warnings are mere attempts to get us to knuckle under – to be afraid of getting rid of those who wrecked the nation and the world. Thus the Master to the Slave – trying to convince the slave that without the master, the slave will perish.

No more; time for a revolution, my friends.