Is the Left Really Turning on Obama?

Charles Hurt thinks the tax deal has finished Obama’s chances of being re-elected:

…At first glance, last night’s compromise decision puts Obama on firmer ground for his re-election bid two years from now because it moves him toward the middle.

But in truth, he may have sealed his fate as a one-term president.

In recent days as the White House and Democrats signaled that the compromise to extend the Bush tax cuts was in the offing, the liberal coalition that carried Obama into the White House began falling apart.

The left is apoplectic that their savior would turn around on them and adopt Bush’s most “draconian” tax policies that “only favor the rich.”

If they were frustrated before, now they are palpably angry and publicly voicing their disillusionment with Obama…

We might get a couple liberals going on the ranch over this but I don’t think this, long term, jeopardizes Obama’s support in the liberal base. One must keep in mind how utterly servile most liberals are.

Remember how forceful the gay rights activists were? Nothing could stop them – they were queer and here and weren’t going away. But when Bill Clinton betrayed them on gays in the military, what did they do? They backed his re-election effort and have remained loyal lap dogs of the Democrat party.

Remember how strong the feminists were? They weren’t going to take any sexist guff from anyone. When even the mildest accusation of sexual impropriety was leveled against a powerful man, they were all over him and hounded him until he was out of office. But when people like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton used and abused women on a regular basis, what did they do? Back them to the hilt – and they, too, remain loyal lap dogs for the Democrat party.

There is no independent thought on the left – there are talking points, endlessly parroted. There is no grass roots on the left – just paid and organized pressure groups. There is no fearless going where ever conviction leads – just a supine desire to be “in” with the leadership, where ever it goes.

No, Obama isn’t losing his base. Come 2012, they’ll all come home – because that is what they’ll be told to do. One or two might break off, but the overwhelming bulk will be “baa” upon command. This doesn’t mean Obama will win – just having the liberal base won’t be enough – but it does mean that we can’t take it for granted that Obama will have any problem locking down his core supporters. He won’t – a united left will confront us in 2012 and that is what we should plan for.