Iranian Missiles to Venezuela

From Pajamas Media:

…Among the two most alarming revelations is the already completed sale and delivery, to Venezuela by Russia, of nearly 2,000 advanced, shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles capable of hitting aircraft as high as 19,000 feet. Equally and perhaps more alarming is an October agreement between Iran and Venezuela. The agreement establishes a joint ground-to-ground missile base on Venezuelan soil and calls for the sharing of missile technology and the training of technicians and officers. In addition, Venezuela may use the missiles as it chooses for “national needs” and in case of “emergency.” Several types of missiles will be deployed, giving Venezuela the ability to strike targets throughout South and Central America and throughout the U.S…

We’ve already discussed the Russian anti-aircraft missiles, but this Iranian connection adds a whole, new dimension to this: with such missiles, Venezuela will become a nation capable of directly attacking the United States – and this means that the government of Venezuela must be counted, absolutely, as an enemy regime.

But, of course, the Obama Administration will do little or nothing about this – to them, American national security is whatever the UN says it is. We’ll have to wait for a change in Administrations before we can do anything to break up this new threat – and by then, the threat will be larger and harder to deal with. Obama is going to leave us with a legacy of woe – and this makes it doubly important to beat him in 2012: we’ll be in a bad enough mess come January 20th, 2013…we daren’t allow ourselves the geo-strategic nightmare Obama will leave us by 2017.

Arms deals with dying Russia – silence about Iranian missiles to Venezuela. That is all one need know about Obama – he’s completely incompetent.