Thursday Morning Open Thread (and Christmas Carol)

Once again, a busy day – and so:

The American Catholic lists the top 5 Christmas movies. What are yours? I tend to dislike most Christmas movies because they tend towards a “spirit of Christmas” message without mentioning Jesus…you know, the reason for the season. But, that’s just me and I tend to get cranky about some things.

Little Fockers gets a really, really bad review. I saw it – not as good as the first two (and the second in the series was, in my view, by far the best), but its worth going to see. But, then again, I’m tending towards a taste for entirely harmless entertainment in my movies…no obscenity, no nudity, no violence; guess I’m getting rather fuddy duddy as time goes on.

Middle class squeeze: as home values drop, property taxes go up. Thanks, big government!