Little Brother is Watching You

I volunteer for this effort – from ABC:

After playing such a pivotal role in the November elections, Tea Party activists vowed they would keep a close eye on Congress. They weren’t kidding.

The Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest organizing groups of the movement, want to assign personal bloggers to track every member of Congress, not just the ones they supported…

I’m in. Of course, for me it would be easy – the Donk of my District is just a back bencher who hasn’t had an original idea, ever. She just votes as she’s told. Unfortunately, I also live in a district which was deliberately crafted to be impervious to Republicans – though we also have routinely failed to nominate a credible challenger. Maybe if someone is exposing Berkeley all the time there will be a better chance of a strong challenger?

At any rate, it would be a good thing for there to be a blogger per congresscritter – just someone who can do a weekly update on what the person did, how they voted, who they fund raised with, that sort of thing. It allows us to see patterns and build up a record of either accomplishment or corruption…and it would be just regular folks keeping tabs on the Ruling Class. I like it.