Religion of Peace Update

Just another in a long line of such stories:

More than 300 Muslims set fire to a town in Bangladesh in order to strip indigenous Christians, Hindus and Buddhists of their property.

The group of Muslim settlers set fire to the town of Rangamati in the Diocese of Chattagonag, Bangladesh on Feb. 17. According to the Fides news agency, news that the body of a missing Muslim man had been found was the pretext for carrying out what the Muslims called “an expedition to punish the town where indigenous peoples live.”

Other attacks on indigenous towns were reported in the region of Gulishakhali.

An eyewitness told Fides that recently, Muslim colonists have been expelling non-Muslim ethnic groups in order to take possession of their farmland…

Non-Moslems cannot live under Moslem rule – that becomes ever more clear. Christians and other religious peoples in the Moslem world must be given, at the least, local autonomy in compact territorial locations where Moslem authority is forbidden to enter. Better, of course, if the Christians of the Islamic world are given full independence (this would, most importantly, work out to freeing southern Sudan, southern Lebanon, southern Egypt and Assyria from Moslem rule; but there are other areas to be dealt with). Moslems have yet to attain a level of civilization which allows a non-Moslem to live in peace and security under Moslem rule.

I hate to be harsh like that, but it just has to be. How many more people have to be killed, raped and robbed before everyone else admits to this reality? That is what I’d like to know.