Obama Dithers, Gaddafi Attacks…and France May Lead on This?

Latest from Libya:

The Gaddafi regime has issued a defiant warning that the “time for action” had arrived as a sustained military assault forced the defeat of Libyan rebels in the strategically important town of Zawiya and their retreat from Ras Lanuf.

Amid squabbling among EU and Nato leaders on the eve of an emergency European summit on Libya in Brussels, Muammar Gaddafi’s son said that a new offensive would be launched within days…

Read in the news that France is urging military action against the Libyan regime – which is a grand thing, but one wonders if France had the capability of projecting sufficient power that far from home? The United States does – but I also read that our Secretary of State is waiting for the world to decide what we should do. Meanwhile, Libyans are butchered and the situation spins out of control.

I have to say that in all my life I’ve never felt more humiliated than I did when I read all that – France is leading the way while the United States hangs back! In the governments of the world the United States is being marked as a blind, stumbling giant…and as long as Obama is President, a negligible quantity in world affairs. If we won’t act like Americans when we’ve got a carrier battle group and Marine Expeditionary Unit right where we need them, when will we act?

If at all, probably too late. Obama will screw himself up to a decision right about the time it becomes moot…and then, even worse, we might strike as the rebels are being crushed, just in time for the United States to share in the defeat. Goodness, it is going to be a long 22 months until we get that poltroon out of office.