Rand Paul Deftly Exposes Liberal Insanity

From NRO’s The Corner:

Today Rand Paul let loose at the deputy assistant energy secretary for efficiency. He advised Kathleen Hogan:

I think there should be some self-examination from the administration on the idea that you favor a woman’s right to an abortion, but you don’t favor a woman or a man’s right to choose what kind of light bulb, what kind of dishwasher, what kind of washing machine.

Toilets are a big source of his anger at bureaucratic “busybodies.” The freshman senator goes on to admit: “I have been waiting for 20 years to talk about how bad these toilets are.”…

Which is, of course, what I have been yammering on about for years now – we have set up a tax and regulatory system which makes it progressively harder for people to make, mine and grow things in the United States. In fact, our whole economic system is now one of perverse incentives – in order to make lots of money you must either take it out of the United States completely, or play Wall Street Roulette with it – and with the US taxpayer back stopping you as a “too big to fail” institution. There is nothing in our economy which provides the sort of work which allows a family to live a decent life unless both parents work and the kids are neglected. There is nothing in our economy which encourages hard works, savings and careful investment – the completely cock-eyed and bankrupt system is the natural and completely predictable outcome of our current policies.

Think about it – we’re fretting over incandescent light bulbs in a quixotic quest to stop “climate change” while 15 million or more Americans are out of work…that is what we do these days. The idiocy of the left’s position is so clear – Senator Paul nailed them on it: pro-choice if you want to kill your children, anti-choice if you want to do anything else. That is the left – that is what we contend with. We are not battling people with a different view, but people with a lunatic view…people who not only should not be in power, but probably shouldn’t be allowed out without adult supervision.