Hillary Clinton: "I'm Entirely Blind"

Which is the best headline I can think of for this AFP story:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, opening high-level talks Monday, said the United States does not see China’s growth as a threat and sought greater trust to work together on global problems.

“Some in our country see China’s progress as a threat to the United States; some in China worry that America seeks to constrain China’s growth. We reject both those views,” Clinton said.

“We both have much more to gain from cooperation than from conflict,” she said.

Yeah, we gain so much from our dealings with China. Let’s see: there’s the low-quality garbage in our stores. There’s the continual reduction of our manufacturing plant. There’s the full-employment for Chinese slave labor. We also get an increasingly powerful Chinese military to deal with. Oh, and then there’s also that growing worry among allies that we won’t be there if China gets aggressive. And we must not neglect the fact that the brutal, corrupt, anti-human rulers of China get rich. Yeah, no threat at all – just grow, grow, grow, China; we’ll help you every way we can, because we get so much out of it.

Of course, the Chinese bought the Clinton’s many years ago – Hillary is just dancing to the paymaster’s tune. But, my goodness, what sheer idiocy – we simply must win next year. We can’t afford four more years of this.