Iran Training Terrorists in Venezuela?

So says the Arab Times:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is allegedly training a large number of Kuwaitis, Bahrainis and Saudis in a private training camp located in Waheera, a remote area near the borders of Venezuela and Columbia, and intends to use them to carry out terrorist activities within their respective countries and other areas across the world in case Iran is attacked militarily, Al-Seyassah daily quoted a reliable source as saying.

The trainees are first sent to Venezuelan capital Caracas or Columbian capital Bogota via Damascus and from there, they are sent to the border region in cars, one of the militants who broke away from the Iranian group told the daily.

Reportedly, the training camp is run by some Iranian intelligence officers and others affiliated to the Revolutionary Guard in cooperation with Hezbollah and Hamas. The trainees were given courses in making bombs, carrying out assassinations, kidnapping people and transporting the hostages to other locations…

The story goes on to note that the financing for this is coming from drug running – apparently with the cooperation of the Venezuelan government. Is this true? The story is thin on proof – but the problem is that it all makes entire sense. Venezuela under Chavez has ambitions for regional hegemony and a decided enmity for the United States; Chavez has spent a lot of time buddying up to Iran and other powers hostile to the United States and there is evidence that Chavez has helped the narco-terrorists in Columbia. We also know from long experience of Iran’s support for Hezbollah and Hamas. The pieces all fit.

While the story claims that the terrorists are to be used in case of an attack on Iran, the fact remains that any such terrorists could easily be transported to the United States to launch attacks for any reason Iran or Venezuela could think of. Our border is still mostly outside our control – and crossing it is controlled by drug gangs, it wouldn’t take anything more than cash on the barrel to have terrorists sent in to the United States (or, if they are running drugs, just a bit of drugs for the gangs to then sell in the United States). We are living in a fool’s paradise if we don’t recognize the threat – and the immediate need to find out for sure, and take the harshest possible measures against any such training camps (and, yes, this would include, as needed, sending special forces in to kill or capture anyone in the camps).

While our current Administration prefers not to deal with these harsh realities, the fact remains that the world is a dangerous place, chock full of people who hate us and wish to harm us. Obama did a good thing by taking out bin Laden, let’s hope he shows equal resolve here.

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