Monday Morning Open Thread

Really doing this because there are several things I want to shine our tiny spotlight on:

Andrew Sullivan actually writes and article entitled “President Obama:  the Democrats Reagan“.  Here’s the challenge – I had to stop at the end of the second paragraph because going any further would have brought on fits of laughter so extreme as to be health-threatening.  So, how far can you get in to it before you have to stop?

There is a poll for Pennsylvania showing Obama only up by 2 and under 50%.  My prediction?  Obama will win Pennsylvania…but if you do see the State called for Romney then we’re in for a Reagan-style, 1980 landslide.  And it could happen.

Now, just why would people turn to Romney in such large numbers?  Perhaps it is because our President is a complete fool?  Calling what has happened in Libya a “bump in the road” is an idiot’s statement.  Seriously – I see your “47%” Democrats and raise you this.

Or maybe its because our President lives in a fantasy world?

Why Wisconsin is in Play.  More important for me is the fact that Wisconsin is in play.  Obama won the State by 14 points in 2008.  It should be a walkover for him.  It isn’t – in fact, its probably no better than 50/50 that Obama will win it.  So, going from 14 point lead to zero point lead in a blue State and yet we’re supposed to believe that Obama’s on an easy track for re-election?  Sure, whatever you say…

Camden, NJ (Obama by 34.8 in 2008) our poorest and most crime-ridden city is looking to disband its police force because of budget constraints.  I haven’t been able to find the information so I will place a bet with anyone who asks:  I bet it has been at least 40 years since Republicans ran the place.  Any takers?  I’m sure of winning because it is only liberal Democrats who can take a prosperous American city and turn it in to a crime-ridden, impoverished pest hole.  And what liberals have done for Detroit, Camden, Los Angeles, etc, etc, etc, is precisely what they want to do to the rest of America.  Oh, do I hear a liberal whine of “no, we don’t”?  Ok, fine – then you explain to me why when you gain exclusive political control things always work out like Camden?

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