If We Win the Senate

Then things will change – and change quite a lot. From the Wall Street Journal:

The U.S. Senate failed to advance another piece of popular bipartisan legislation late Monday, and the reason tells the real story of Washington gridlock in the current Congress. To wit, Harry Reid has essentially shut down the Senate as a place to debate and vote on policy.

The Majority Leader’s strategy was once again on display as the Senate failed to get the 60 votes to move a popular energy efficiency bill co-sponsored by New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Ohio Republican Rob Portman. Mr. Reid blamed the defeat on Republican partisanship. But the impasse really came down to Mr. Reid’s blockade against amendments that might prove politically difficult for Democrats.

The Nevadan used parliamentary tricks to block energy-related amendments to an energy bill. This blockade is now standard procedure as he’s refused to allow a vote on all but nine GOP amendments since last July. Mr. Reid is worried that some of these amendments might pass with support from Democrats, thus embarrassing a White House that opposes them.

In the case of Portman-Shaheen, Republicans had prepared amendments to speed up exports of liquefied natural gas; to object to a new national carbon tax; to rein in the Environmental Protection Agency’s war on coal plants; and to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline. A majority of the public supports these positions and many Democrats from right-leaning or energy-producing states claim to do the same. The bill against the EPA’s coal-plant rules is co-sponsored by West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin.

Yet the White House and Mr. Reid’s dominant liberal wing won’t take the chance that a bipartisan coalition might pass these amendments, most of which the House has passed or soon would. President Obama would thus face a veto decision that would expose internal Democratic divisions. So Mr. Reid shut down the amendment process. Republicans then responded by refusing to provide the 60 votes necessary to clear a filibuster and vote on the underlying bill…

You understand that?  As was true back when Clinton was President, the GOP has a lot of very popular proposals which would be very difficult for the President to just outright veto.  But unlike back then, we only control half of Congress – and to ensure that the President is not confronted with either vetoing popular legislation or enraging his cronies or far-left supporters, Reid has essentially crippled the Senate’s ability to move legislation.  We don’t really have partisan gridlock – we have Reid-lock.  Senate Majority Leader Reid, desperate to protect Obama, has made the legislature unworkable, thus sparing Obama difficult decisions and allowing Obama to use his pen and phone to advance policies which would be deadly politically if voted on in the Senate.

If we win this November, however, things will change – a GOP-led Senate will be able to advance legislation to the White House, which would either force Obama to sign popular bills opposed by cronies/liberals, or veto them and face the wrath of the electorate (in this case, in the form of weakening Democrat prospects for 2016 with the risk that a GOP President in combination with a GOP Congress would undo Obama’s legacy). It would be quite a pickle for Obama to be in – he’d have to either surrender, or suffer crushing defeat of his ideology in 2016.

This is why it is so crucial for us to win in 2014. The debate will change – it won’t be “partisan, Teabagger Republicans” causing the problem as legislation dealing with all our pressing issues (with input from Democrats – meaning we won’t be able to just get all we want) regularly arrives at Obama’s desk.  Then the ball is in his court and he’ll have to do what he hates most: make hard and fast decisions that he is clearly accountable for.

It’ll be endless fun.

4 thoughts on “If We Win the Senate

  1. Cluster May 15, 2014 / 11:53 am

    What’s even more odd is that Harry and Barry have made a calculated decision to pander to the environmentalists over the unions on the delay of the Keystone pipeline, a decision of which I think will greatly hurt them. Brit Hume the other day stated that Harry Reid has turned the Senate into a “legislative graveyard” and that too is being noticed.

    On another note – apparently not content to just pander to environmentalists and destroy the American economy, Obama turned his scorn to the Malaysian economy and their burgeoning palm oil industry:

    In “Malaysia, what you’ve seen is huge portions of tropical forests… just being shredded because of primarily the palm oil industry… there are large business interests behind that industry,” he instructed Malaysian students and graduates at a town-hall meeting in university. “You have to be part of the solution, not part of the problem,” he said as he directed them to organize against their own nation’s economic sector. “You have to say, this is important… You can educate your parents, friends, coworkers… [and] you can potentially change policy,” he told the Malaysians, none of whom showed enthusiasm for his agenda.

    Well these comments didn’t go over to well with the audience, nor did they over to well with the Palm Oil Council:

    These are young, fledgling businesses that Malaysia’s new entrepreneurs have been able to start because they own productive farmland. Surely the President of the United States, home of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and thousands of family farms across key States like Iowa, would understand this.


    Does Obama still think that theories originated from the Harvard Faculty lounge can actually pass as effective policy?

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/14/obamas-foreign-policy-oklahoma-crimes-deforestation-and-l-a-clippers/#ixzz31ncmoOlv

  2. Retired Spook May 16, 2014 / 9:15 am

    Totally OT, but this has gotta make the Left’s heads explode. I think just like the yearning for freedom is an inherent part of the human spirit, so is the desire for the truth.

    • Cluster May 16, 2014 / 10:36 pm

      I would enjoy watching progressive heads explode.

  3. dbschmidt May 18, 2014 / 8:06 pm

    The entire left base is almost a joking matter if they weren’t so serious about their ill-conceived wronging by the very voters they claim to represent. Look no further than my great State of North Carolina.

    Since Republicans, of which I am not a member of, took charge of the Governorship, State Senate and State house for the first time in over 120 years there has been nothing less than a “lynching mob” mentality. It has gotten worse since one of the State Senators to Congress is up for reelection on her weak platform of “I am an Obama drone.”

    For a backing of Ama’s belief of idols/ideology over substance we have a runner-up of American Idol, Clay Akin, winning against the now deceased competitor. While “Moral Monday’s “are once again scheduled which only have the Monday part correct. The “Reverend” who leads these is a Je$$e, or Sharpton wannabe.

    Just as I will ask here, as I do to those who follow these charlatans, “Please tell me what the previous X administrations (all Dimmicrat) have done for Y while they were in power?” One example is the raise in teacher pay. It is not perfect but it is a start. It has been amended to make NC competitive. But still, please tell me what the “All loving, all encompassing” Dimmicrats have done over the previous 120 plus years ???

    In addition is that every local “news” station has started a “Capital Watch” segment where they “report on” everything that goes through the House, Senate and can be signed by the Governor. None of this existed prior to the Republicans taking control. Pretty sure it will disappear as soon as the Dimmis are back in control.

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