One of the Results of Ferguson: Worse Policing

Victor Davis Hansen notes:

…Will some law enforcement officials now surmise that it is wiser to ignore some crimes in the inner city on the practicable logic that the denouement for the officer will likely be negative — either by stopping the assailant through force or not stopping the assault and thus being assaulted?…

Why should a police officer even try? After all, if you’re policing a heavily minority area then any action you take may be construed as racist, and career-ending. Act or don’t act, and it can work out equally badly for you…so maybe just work your patrol route so that you just don’t go into certain areas where you suspect there will be a number of minority men who are up to no good. In other words, surrender part of the streets to them, because fighting them for control of the streets will still leave them in control and might get you fired and possibly sent to jail for civil rights violations.

As readers here know, I am in favor of very deep reforms to policing – but what we’re getting here now is the creation of “no go” areas of our cities. That, I think, is what the criminal element (ie, those who actually looted) want, and it is what the political element doesn’t care about (and, remember, most of the race-baiters live in carefully policed areas…safe and sound in their swell homes, free from any fear of criminal activity, it is easy for them to rabble rouse, knowing that the ill-effects won’t come back to haunt them).

We’re getting in to a very bizarre world here: a world in which lies triumph (only for the moment, of course) and those who are rational are hated. It could be a very bad few years coming up here.

4 thoughts on “One of the Results of Ferguson: Worse Policing

  1. Cluster December 9, 2014 / 8:49 am

    This distrust on both sides of this issue is not a new phenomena. I have friend who is a cop in the West Valley of Phoenix and am reminded of more than one conversation he and I have had on this topic. He has told me that he and other officers will let slide most minor traffic violations by minorities, primarily blacks, because of the contentious nature of the stop which most often ensues. The vast majority of the time the occupant of the car will accuse the officer of pulling them over because they are black and that presents a huge hurdle to over come from the onset. Secondly, he said that most officers approach these stops with extreme caution and deference because they do not want to have complaints filed against them, which happens quite often as well.

    I think the genesis of this entire problem is that “black Americans” strongly identify themselves as “black Americans”, a mindset that is largely not shared by white Americans or most Hispanics. By that I mean, their skin color is of primary concern to them, good and bad, and unless and until we can all just identify ourselves as people trying to get through the day the best we can, there will always be division – and division creates distrust.

  2. Cluster December 9, 2014 / 9:08 am

    There is also another huge problem at play here and that is the media’s glorification of black American culture, giving it a very undeserved status in my opinion. Case in point is the adulation heaped upon President Obama, not because he is an accomplished, effective leader, but because he is black. Or even more disturbing, he is half black. The white origins of Barack Obama have been omitted and ignored. Here is another case in point courtesy of John Heilemann of MSNBC re: the visit of Kate & Will:

    I’m done. The monarchy is — first of all let’s just say this: there’s going to be royalty at that Nets game tonight, in the form of LeBron James, and in the form of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. That is the royalty that we respect here in New York City, my friend, not these poncy, undereducated, over-entitled British snobs who are part of this ruling class, this dynastic ridiculousness that has stratified, reified the class system in Britain. It’s horrible, the monarchy. It should be done away with tomorrow.

    So in Heilemann’s view, a man who objectifies women and glorifies criminal gangsta life (Jay-Z), and a woman who popularized fellatio in a recent video, are now “respected American Royalty”.

  3. Retired Spook December 9, 2014 / 12:02 pm

    One of the real ironies of all this is the fact that one of the primary goals of Progressives is to eventually get as many people as possible to live in urban areas where they can be “easily” controlled. If recent events are an accurate reflection, I’ll take rural northeast Indiana any day.

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