Friday Open Thread

First up – global warming hoax update:

Arctic sea ice has reached the largest December extent in a decade. Government experts will of course not acknowledge this, because their funding and reputations depend on a misinformed public and Congress.

Here in Las Vegas, there is a chance we’ll have a light dusting of global warming on New Years Eve.

Does it seem like politics are stupid? You know, where the debate is about absurd, asinine things put forth by shrieking nincompoops? I think it is intentional – it is impossible to win stupid arguments. You can’t have a rational debate over an irrational proposition…this, I believe, is a tactic of the left: Keep it Stupid. The more we have people shouting stupid slogans, the less actual debate goes on, the more time the left has to grind their policies through the bureaucracies and courts.

The Washington Post notes that the Islamic State is not very good at State-building:

In the Iraqi city of Mosul, the water has become undrinkable because supplies of chlorine have dried up, said a journalist living there, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his safety…

Which tells you this: ISIS is in control in Mosul…and I think, for the moment, that is ISIS’ main plan. Sure, they are putting out propaganda showing themselves in a good light (and I think the beheading videos are classified under “happy talk” propaganda in ISIS), but the real goal, for now, is absolute power…they’ll worry about drinking water once the infidels are smashed. I get the feeling that WaPo is tut-tutting here…as if a bloodthirsty tyranny judges its successes based upon whether or not there is day care available. We’re losing the war against this ideology because we are refusing to think in war terms.

As we suspected: Fast and Furious was about getting stricter gun control. You know, get guns out there, blame the gun dealers for it, put restrictions on gun dealers…

Noted on Twitter: every winning GOP ticket since 1928 has had a Bush or a Nixon on it. So, we’re doomed.

30 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. Amazona December 26, 2014 / 1:19 pm

    Since you touched upon what will and will not be publicized by the Complicit Agenda Media, I am sending on a video sent to me by a friend. It is brutal and hard to watch, and purports to be a recording of the “gentle giant” Michael Brown out for some fun and games with some of his buddies, targeting an old black man.

    If you choose to watch it, you may have some of the same questions I have:

    Who took the video?
    Why? (Is it part of a series of trophy videos of similar antics? Certainly Brown didn’t mind being recorded.)
    Why wasn’t it made public during the early days of hysteria and “protests”?
    Will it be made public now? That is to say, by the Complicit Agenda Media, BET, etc?
    Have any of the other participants and bystanders been identified? Prosecuted?
    Was this attack ever reported? Made public? Did any of the witnesses call for help?
    When did Eric Holder see this video? Before or after he threw gasoline on the fire in Ferguson by calling for a federal investigation?
    Does Barack Obama think this could have been his son?
    Did any of the people watching this attack go on to defend Brown after his death?


    I can’t help but wonder what the reaction of these bystanders would have been if a white policeman stepped in to protect this old black man being savaged by thugs, while the neighborhood looked on. It would probably have been considered “racist” and “profiling”.

    • Cluster December 26, 2014 / 6:12 pm

      Class act. I think for Black lives to matter, black people have to care about their life. Seems that they don’t care about their own life, let alone others.

      • Amazona December 27, 2014 / 1:01 pm

        I get the impression that racial bigotry on the part of too many black people trumps absolutely everything else. It seems that many black people, given the choice of living in a culture marked by savagery and violence or participating in a culture developed and still for the most part managed by white people, will choose the danger and violence over their strange conviction that becoming part of the “white” culture would mean weakness, defeat, submission.

        As a lifelong white person, I have seen white perceptions change dramatically, and I think the proof of declining racism on the part of whites is the acceptance of black people in all parts of life in this country. It is no longer a surprise to see a black doctor, a black teacher, a black business person, a black actor in a commercial, a black judge, a black person dating a white person. It is this quiet change that marks the decline of racism. It is the participation of black people in the day to day life of this country, in all levels of achievement, in all roles played by anyone, without question and without prejudice, that is the most significant clue that people are no longer judged by the color of their skin.

        Sadly, to the true racial bigots in this country, this is unacceptable, and largely because of a determination to create racial discord in a nation where it has been disappearing, many black people are demanding discrimination by nurturing a race-associated CULTURE that will never be acceptable to rational people, and then blaming the natural distaste for this culture on racial discrimination.

        Two things come to mind. One is a very funny, though very crude, skit by the comedy team Key and Peele, about a gay office worker. Basically, one man who is flamboyantly gay makes increasingly offensive sexual comments to another man in the office, and when the other man reacts with disgust he is called homophobic and bigoted. At the end of the skit, the office worker who had been objecting to the language and descriptions of the gay man is met by his boyfriend, and as they leave for their lunch date he says yes, he is also gay. The flamboyant gay guy ponders this and then says to himself, “Oh, I get it. I’m not persecuted, I’m just an a**hole.”

        Warning: Offensive and crude, but an example of displacement of blame for offensive behavior on alleged prejudice of others.

        This applies to accusations of racism because racism excuses every type and level of behavior that would otherwise be considered negative. Unable to get or keep a job? It can’t be due to lack of job skills, or doing poor work—–the excuse is “racism”. Being dependent on OPM? No choices available to black people because of racism. Predatory and violent? Conditions naturally occurring when constantly discriminated against due to skin color. Criminal? Not because of criminal acts, doncha know, but solely because white oppressors define the acts of black people as crimes and then imprison them. Caught in recordings of criminal acts? Well, what other choices are available to people kept down due to their race? And so on.

        The other thing that I have thought of for years, due to my late husband’s interest in military history making me more aware of things that most people do not think of and now brought to the surface by the new film by Angelina Jolie about a POW in Japanese prison camps is the fact that we, as a nation, have not clung to what would be understandable distrust and hatred of Japanese people because of the harsh and brutal facts of Japanese culture in the first part of the 20th Century. No black slaves were ever treated as brutally as white people were treated by the Japanese during WW II. For some reason, American history has always focused on the atrocities of the Nazis during that war, but the atrocities committed by the Japanese were even worse. Americans have not made the CHOICE to hold the acts of a prior culture against the Japanese of today, nor have we made the CHOICE to cling to hatred of Germans.

        Black racism is a CHOICE made by some black people, and they use claims of white racism as excuses for the most inexcusable behavior. Perhaps enforcing laws that require humane treatment of others is considered a “white” trait, much like clear speaking of English or learning math and science, or developing job skills and working and being responsible parents, and is therefore rejected. But we have to remember that these are CHOICES made by these people. If, as is possible, the people in this video clip made the CHOICE to stand by and watch a huge young man hit and kick and stomp and terrorize a frail old man because they preferred that to the possibility of having a white policeman step in and arrest a black man, they are responsible for the violence and mayhem in their lives.

      • Cluster December 27, 2014 / 1:37 pm

        Good post. Reminds me of the black commentator I saw the other day on Special Report with Eric Bolling. Eric ask the gal is racism was still widespread in America to which she replied “absolutely yes”. Eric said “ok, so what do we have to do to overcome it”, to which she relied that the nation needed to have “an honest conversation about race”. Eric told her that that was exactly what they he hoped they were doing right then so in her opinion, “what needs to be to done to overcome racism”. She again said that the country “needs to have an honest conversation”, and kept repeating that line ad nauseam. My opinion is that they just like keeping the “struggle” alive.

      • Amazona December 27, 2014 / 2:32 pm

        The last thing they want is a true honest conversation about race, because that would put the spotlight on black culture, which includes dependency, illegitimaticy, race-based hatred and predation, and the lack of intelligence or integrity that fuels the riots posturing as protests and the insistent denial of facts to allow ongoing stupidity such as the “Hands up don’t shoot” meme that took hold with such speed.

        An HONEST conversation about race would demand that anyone who wants to be treated as an equal has to act like an equal.

      • Amazona December 28, 2014 / 12:32 pm

        Here is a response from a religious leader, a bishop, to the arrest of a rioter/”protestor” who confessed to trying to burn down the convenience store where video tape showed a black teen pointing a gun at a policeman before being shot to death: ““Josh is one of the young activists, and all of us have taken close to him. We got to know his heart, and he got to know ours,” Bishop Derrick Robinson of Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International told the Post-Dispatch. “He’s a great kid, an educated kid, a child who knows what he wants and is very active in the community.””

        I see the confessed would-be arsonist was also a “high-profile Ferguson protestor”. I wonder if he saw the video linked above.

        “Advocate for peace”? You mean like a huge thug accused of murder as a juvenile, caught on video viciously beating a frail old man, caught on another video attacking a much smaller man in a convenience store, was really just a “gentle giant”? The semantic games are really getting bizarre these days.

        Here a man with the responsibility of acting as a leader in his community is praising a man who attempted to commit arson, in a trumped-up “protest” about an armed thug being shot after pointing a gun at a police officer. This allegedly religious community “got to know his heart” and think he is a “great kid”. Arson? Hell, that is nothing more than knowing what he wanted, which was evidently the destruction of private property in the pretense of “protesting” a white man defending himself against an armed black man.

        And just a by the way kind of reflection, why would burning down the store where the armed thug threatened a cop be any kind of legitimate protest anyway? Did the store owner shoot the thug? What role did the store have in this whole thing?

        Oh,right—the surveillance video proving that the thug pointed a gun at the cop and therefore initiated his own shooting was provided by the store, and any insertion of fact into race-based hatred and violence must be punished.

      • Cluster December 28, 2014 / 1:26 pm

        Like you said yesterday – they do not want an honest conversation on race. A truly honest conversation works against their narrative of oppression and victimhood and would delegitimize their “struggle”. And it would seriously hurt the profits of Al Sharpton.

  2. Cluster December 26, 2014 / 6:05 pm

    I had to laugh when I read this recent article from Paul Krugman:

    It’s a great example how liberals can never be honest. It was ten years ago when Krugman wrote how Bush’s deficits and debt were ruining the future of our country, yet nary a mention of that now. In fact Krugman seems to think the government hasn’t been spending enough due to the extreme “spending cuts”. Krugman also seems to think that foreign policy is coming up roses. and that after “full implementation”, Obamacare has been good for the economy. The problem is, it hasn’t been “fully implemented” due to unilateral delays specifically with the employer mandate – a fact I had to point out to Watson the other day.

  3. Cluster December 27, 2014 / 7:48 am

    In the vain of Krugman’s tribute to all things Obama, Politico is now trying to convince everyone that “Everything is Awesome” in this article by Michael Grunwald:

    I prefer to call the article “Nothing is in Perspective”. Grunwald begins the article citing the 57 month job growth – failing to mention the decline in the labor participation rate during the same period. Often times during this 57 month span, there were more people who had stopped looking for employment than those who gained employment so unless you put that little fact into perspective, you don’t get an accurate picture.

    Grunwald also mentions the all time stock market high of 18,000, failing to mention the impetus behind the climb which is of course quantitative easing – or in other words, the Fed printing nearly $80 billion of stimulus money per month. Listen closely to the next time you hear the word “tapering”, because if and when you do, you will subsequently see a 400-500 point one day drop in the Dow. The Dow is currently mostly a shell game and is not built on any solid foundation of business expansion, or to any larger extent, PE ratios.

    Grinwald then mentions the ACA and the “uninsured rate” being at an “all time low”. Currently, just less than 8 million people who supposedly were not insured now have insurance. Well knowing that approximately 5 million lost insurance when the ACA was implemented, the 8 million figure is really just a net of 3 million. The ACA is also not yet fully implemented, nor have the expected 2015 premium increases been fully realized. What is also never mentioned are the increases in deductibles, which represents real out of pocket dollars for many low income families, or the shrinking doctor networks and closing rural hospitals.

    And finally gas prices. This is certainly a welcome relief after years of inflated prices, but it has nothing to do with Obama. In fact, it is almost in spite of Obama. The current glut of supply is largely due to decrease in global demand and the influx of new supply from the PRIVATE lands in Bakken Region in North America. Remember when liberals were telling us that fracking in the Bakken would never directly benefit Americans?? And yet now they are taking credit for it. Typical, right? David Axlerod recently stated that the Keystone Pipeline is no longer needed since gas prices have come down. Aside from this statement being astonishingly short sighted, it’s indicative of how liberals think – take one issue, spin it out of perspective and push the agenda. No critical thinking needed.

    • M. Noonan December 27, 2014 / 2:55 pm

      When we see a lot of liberals suddenly saying the exact, same thing then we know the word has gone out from the Powers That Be on the left to create a meme…I think all this sudden happy talk is designed to boost Obama in the polls so that he’ll be perceived as in a stronger political position come January when he has to face a GOP-controlled Congress. If there is one thing our liberals are good at, it is constructing a narrative.

      You see, the real battle on the left will be attempts to prevent the GOP from sending up popular bills that Obama’s base will want him to veto – just as one for-instance: tax reform. If the GOP crafts a really good tax reform bill that people see is doing necessary reforms, then the liberals won’t want it…because the pressure on Obama to sign such a bill would be enormous. Liberals like our current tax system because it allows the to punish enemies and reward friends and no one really knows how it works. Make it simple and rational and there’s no much room for corruption. But, the people would want and support a rational tax system…better, for liberals, if such a bill never arrives on Obama’s desk. So, cook up a story about how everything is fine in areas where the GOP would like to get busy and then create some fake “reform” that is MUST DO NOW!!!! and use Narrative to attempt to stampede the GOP into doing it (you can already see it: “Why is the GOP trying to get tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires when I’m trying to fix the real problems?”.).

      • Cluster December 27, 2014 / 6:21 pm

        Immigration is the perfect example of which you speak. In the 2008 campaign, Obama promised to make immigration reform a “top priority” and then proceeded to do nothing despite controlling both chambers of Congress. In the 2012 campaign he speaks of it again as a priority and actually has the opportunity to bring in Marco Rubio who was working diligently on a bill and who was a willing participant. Again nothing happened. Finally, in 2014, after losing control of the Senate, Obama decides he MUST DO SOMETHING NOW on the issue and proceeds to act unilaterally.

    • tiredoflibbs December 27, 2014 / 6:30 pm

      In response to Cluster, the drones cite an opinion piece and try to pass it off as fact concerning the success of obamacare and the affect it would have on full time employees. The “conclusion” is that obamacare has had no affect – of course, they ignore the FACT that that part of obamacare has not been implemented yet.

      As I said, they pass off an opinion spin piece as fact. If we presented such, their response would be “far right wing and unreliable sources….”. They missed the obvious:

      “Rick UngarRick Ungar Contributor
      I write from the left on politics and policy.
      Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.”

      … at the beginning of the opinion. “I write from the left….” should have been a big hint. But when you are desperate to save the king….,.,.

      • Cluster December 28, 2014 / 10:32 am

        I have lately been amused by the administrations and the lefts joy over the expansion of Medicaid. Keep in mind, Medicaid is designed for the poor with income restrictions. So instead of designing policies that would help lift those poor people out of poverty, they are designing policies that will help keep them poor, and if they do happen to left themselves out of poverty then the administration takes the benefit away.

        And here’s another upcoming problem with Medicaid:

    • Amazona December 27, 2014 / 9:28 pm

      I disagree with the statement that the freefall of oil prices is due in any part to the addition of Bakken shale oil to the marketplace. Bakken has been pumping oil into the economy for years and can’t be responsible for the sudden worldwide plummeting of bulk oil prices. I have heard from many sources that ISIS, now in charge of Libyan oil fields, is dumping vast amounts of oil on the market to drive down prices, offering it at about $50.00 a barrel.

      I keep an eye on drilling in eastern Colorado, western Kansas and western Nebraska. Believe me, these areas have been harvesting millions of barrels of oil at prices in the high 90s-low 100s without affecting worldwide oil prices. It’s not the amount of oil produced that is causing the problem, it is the undercutting of worldwide oil prices for political reasons. I wonder what this tactic will do to the international balance of power. My petro sources in the US say this will harm the smaller companies but the big boys think it is short-lived and say it costs more to slow down or shut down and then tool up again than it does to keep drilling and have a lower profit margin for a while, so the effect here at home may be mostly beneficial, with lower gas and heating prices for at least the first part of the winter. Russia, I have read,needs about a hundred dollars a barrel for its exported oil to merely service its debt, and oil in the 50s could crush its economy and cause it to default on its debt. China needs cheap oil to grow, so this might end up changing the balance of power in the east.

      I am not an expert by any means, in oil prices or international economics, but the bits and pieces I pick up make me look farther afield than the United States for both causes and effects. With any luck, the other oil producing nations in the Middle East will get tired of the ISIS games and take care of them on their own.

  4. tiredoflibbs December 27, 2014 / 9:40 am


    That was a great response Cluster. It is true. No critical thinking necessary when common sense can refute any progressive spin created to convince the mindless proggy drones that obame is the greatest. One thing is for sure they will dismiss facts that reveal king obame to be a failure. For example, they lock onto the number of insured, rather than the fact that many Americans still can’t afford healthcare due to the high deductibles they must pay.

    I especially love the argument that employer provided health insurance has not been affected by obamacare – a failed prediction in the mind of a proggy drone. Regardless of them FACT that part of obamaCare has not been implemented. To them, under obame, it all. has been cotton candy and unicorns regardless of the harsh reality.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Amazona December 27, 2014 / 9:40 pm

      Well, as an employer in a small company, I can say that Obamacare HAS had a negative impact on our company, and we may have to decrease the participation by the company next year if our insurance brokers’ predictions are accurate. We now pay 80% and we are talking about having to go as low as 70, based on current predictions in the marketplace. We switched to Kaiser before this all blew up—just in time, as our old company canceled the plan we had been on and dramatically increased deductibles and decreased benefits for its remaining plans. Even with Kaiser we are looking at about a 20% hike in premiums when we renew next year. I have to wonder just what companies employ these drones, if they claim that their employer-provided plans have not been affected, but I am not surprised that they are ignorant of the unilateral law-changing and law-making done by The One We Have All Been Waiting For.

      Just keep in mind that if we had video of Obama feeding puppies into a wood chipper they would defend him and everything he does. Why do you even bother talking with them? it is like shouting down an outhouse hole—you have to put up with a lot of s**t to do it, and it accomplishes nothing but leaving some of the stink on you. There are plenty of people out there who are smart enough and honest enough to realize they bet on the wrong horse,who are looking for different ways to accomplish what they feel is important, and we have a chance at reaching at least some of those people and showing them that if they vote for a federal government severely restricted as to size, scope and power they can implement those beloved policies at their state levels, if they can convince their fellow citizens they are important, at a much lower cost and with much greater efficiency and oversight.

      Arguing about the merits of a Leftist issue is a waste of time, but discussing a streamlined federal government and shifting control to the states, without arguing the merits of the causes, is a very important step we not only ignore but bury in the cascade of constant bickering about chaff that is there only to keep the sheeple from thinking about GOVERNMENT.

  5. Cluster December 28, 2014 / 10:50 am

    Time for good belly laugh on Sunday? You’ll enjoy this recent leftist post:

    With the evidence increasingly pointing to Obamas’ success as a two term President, especially compared the cretinous Bush, any conservative with class and half a gram of integrity should be saying “I’m sorry” and “thank you very much, sir” – to all of us. This aint gonna happen, so I’ll settle for them taking a seat in the back corner and keeping their traps shut while the adults are running the country.

    As I have said – self awareness has never been a strong suit amongst leftists. And do you suppose when he says “while the adults are running the country”, he is referring to the GOP House, the new GOP Senate and the vast majority of GOP controlled Governorships and Legislatures?

    • Amazona December 28, 2014 / 12:05 pm

      The reason these tools are no longer allowed to post here is that NO ONE WANTS TO READ THEIR MENTAL EXCREMENT You may be fascinated by it, but it is just the same old same old, the same over-the-top hysterical drumbeating for Identity Politics devoid of actual political content. Wallowing in the pathology of others should be a private guilty pleasure, not imposed on others.

  6. Amazona December 28, 2014 / 12:14 pm

    I see that Pope Francis is at it again, now telling Catholics to act to defeat that bogey-man, GLOBAL WARMING. I have admired prior popes, but I am really getting tired of this one using his appointment as the head of a religion to blather on and on about things that are simply not within his scope of authority.

    We need to remember that Catholic teaching says the Pope’s infallibility applies only to matters of actual Catholic doctrine, and does not apply to his efforts to expand Catholic doctrine into areas of Leftist politics. I wonder if those who elected him did so because they wanted a Pope who would use his position as a revered holy leader to actively promote Leftist agendas.

    I for one hope that Catholics see through this but I fear he will influence many who see his secular pronouncements as being divinely inspired.

    • Cluster December 28, 2014 / 1:21 pm

      I have come to detest organized religion. I was raised a Catholic but have long since stopped attending services. Too many faux Catholics for me; see Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, etc. and too much money. In my opinion, the Vatican is simply a profit center that serves itself and if perpetuating Global Warming fills the coffers, well then so be it.

    • M. Noonan December 29, 2014 / 12:10 am

      Always best when you hear a report about what the Pope says to first check with a Catholic. All the Pope said was that any action on climate change has to be done in a moral manner, free from political and economic pressure. In other words, everyone has to do the right thing, if anything effective is to be done…this precludes Al Gore, for instance.

      In such matters, the Pope will never make a statement saying that any person, group or government must do this, that or the other thing because such actions are under the purview of the prudential judgement of the relevant political leaders. The Pope will only caution against any definitively immoral action and enjoin all involved to work in a spirit of charity and justice. The Pope is not calling for a particular target in reduction of CO2 emissions or what have you – on the other hand, the Pope will also not issue a judgement on whether or not any particular aspect of the science is right or wrong…that is no office for the Church; and, so, when government officials say that it is happening and that it must be stopped, the Pope will say, in effect, “ok; but as you seek to carry out this task, remember the poor and make certain that everything done is by mutual, unforced agreement”.

      • Cluster December 29, 2014 / 8:54 am

        Mark, I think this article proves that the upcoming actions on behalf of the Vatican are indeed political:

        In recent months, the pope has argued for a radical new financial and economic system to avoid human inequality and ecological devastation. In October he told a meeting of Latin American and Asian landless peasants and other social movements: “An economic system centred on the god of money needs to plunder nature to sustain the frenetic rhythm of consumption that is inherent to it.

        The Director of Catholic Climate Covenant went on to say:

        The arguments are around economics and science rather than morality.

        The Vatican has bought into the notion that developing countries need to transfer wealth to poorer countries in the name of Climate Change as encouraged by the UN. I would think that a truly religious and Faith based organization should lead by example. I would like to see the Pope use some of the enormous wealth of the Vatican to fight off poverty before lecturing others.

      • M. Noonan December 29, 2014 / 1:35 pm

        Once again, though, you are relying upon the MSM – which is liberal through and through and always attempts to conscript the Church into its causes…except, of course, when it wants to create hatred for the Church in other areas (abortion, same-sex marriage, etc). The Church has always been against Capitalism, as such – I’m anti-Capitalist, too, you know? Consumerism is destructive – can’t tell you how many times I was nauseated by the consumerist ads over the Advent Season…greedy corporations bootstrapping their wares over what is actually the celebration of God’s incarnation for our salvation is rather disgusting.

        As for the enormous wealth of the Vatican – there isn’t any. The concept of a rich Church is a myth. True, there is priceless art in the Vatican, but selling it merely means it would be displayed elsewhere and even the total value of the art applied to poverty won’t cure it. Might as well demand that we sell off Mt Rushmore to pay for welfare in the United States. And it is the bound duty of the Church to lecture us – that is what it is here for; to instruct in right conduct. You are free to reject the lecture, of course, but to say that it should stop until all ills are cured is not really the best advice.

        I’d assert that the one organization on earth which routinely and as a matter of policy is making both left and right angry is the one organization on earth which probably has it right.

      • Cluster December 29, 2014 / 5:04 pm

        I welcome the preaching of the word of Christ and wish the church would stick to that. I think the bigger any organization becomes, the more it strays from it’s origins and that includes the church. Jesus’s message is best spread through small churches, small congregations with kind and caring acts to those who need to receive it within the community that they can influence. That is my opinion anyway. The Pope is no closer to Jesus’s heart than the average plumber who provides for his family and serves his community, and the Pope has no right to lecture that plumber on issues like Global Warming. The quotes in the article were from Pope representatives, not the media, and they specifically stated that they plan to work with the UN to help deliver the message of Global Warming. That’s a political effort.

        In respect to capitalism – there are unseemly aspects to any economic platform but of them, capitalism is far and away the best system. I too am not a fan of the incessant commercialism of Christmas but capitalism fosters the ingenuity of people like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Elom Musk, and brings to market affordable products like cell phones, microwaves, etc., and provides for a standard of living that is on the whole a lot higher than any other economic platform has historically provided. I would think the church should welcome that.

      • M. Noonan December 30, 2014 / 12:28 am

        The Church welcomes increased wealth – the Church, however, takes exception to using Chinese slave labor so that the sellers of cell phones can make a slightly higher profit margin per unit sold.

        And as for the preaching – who is to know, if it isn’t broadcast very widely? What we need is for the Church to be much more involved…unless you think that the last 200 years of declining Church influence has worked out well for us…

      • Cluster December 30, 2014 / 8:22 am

        I think the decline of personal morals and responsibilities have played a huge role in our societal decline. To what degree the church, or Catholic Church is a factor in that I couldn’t tell. I do know that there are many Catholics without personal morals and responsibilities like the two I mentioned earlier, Pelosi and Biden. IIRC, the last poll showed that over 80% of Americans identified themselves as Christians. If we could actually get that 80% to live more of a Christian life and take care for their families and serve their community, we would all be living better lives in better communities.

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