Obama’s Beneficiaries: Russia, Cuba and Iran

I read today that we’re to start negotiating Russia’s position in eastern Ukraine. Coming on the heels of Obama’s decision to open up to Cuba and recent remarks about how Obama would like to normalize our relations with Iran, we now know who has benefited most from Obama’s foreign policy: Russia, Cuba and Iran. That all three nations are enemies of the United States is not a bug in Obama’s policy: it is a feature.

To an academic liberal like Obama – ie, someone ignorant of the actual history of the world – these nations aren’t really our enemies. They were forced into opposing us because of our wrong-headed, racist and imperialist policies. Had we just not been rat bastards to these people in days gone by, they would be our friends. Obama has set out to correct this problem – and true to liberal prescriptions, the solution is for us to surrender…because by doing so we are merely surrendering our ill-gotten gains. Once such surrender is consummated, these so-called enemies will be our friends and partners in making a better world.

For Cuba, the enmity stems from our support for corrupt and cruel governments of the past, made worse by our embargo and other oppressive measures. For Iran, it was because we – all by ourselves, with no Iranian input, at all – overthrew an allegedly democratic Iranian government in the 1950’s. For Russia, it was because we kept trying to push NATO to the east, thus threatening Russia’s security. Had we just backed Castro at the start, helped overthrow the Shah of Iran and kept our nose out of places like Poland and Estonia, all would be well. Obama is going to fix all this – and any of us who point out the absurdity of it all will just be put down as old-fashioned, racist hate-mongers who want enemies so we can get defense contracts, or some such nonsense.

In the end, what Obama will actually do – though he and liberals like him will never understand it – is massively empower bitter enemies of the United States, much to the detriment of freedom in the world and America’s position in it. Cuba’s communist regime will get a new lease on life – and China better watch out because ruthlessly exploited Cubans can make cheap consumer goods just as well as ruthlessly exploited Chinese, and as they are much closer to the United States, the price will be less for Cuban crap than for Chinese crap. Russia will gain recognized dominance over most of its old Empire…and will try to push outwards more and more. Iran will become predominant in the Middle East and pressure will mount ever higher for us to cut Israel adrift rather than try to fight all of Islam to save her (our liberals grow to hate Israel…when push comes to shove, they’ll turn a blind eye to slaughter). Great job there, Barry – Neville Chamberlain got nothing on you.

What it also means is that anyone looking for an alliance won’t look towards us – we’re demonstrating that if you rely on us, you’ll be thrown overboard at the first opportunity. As soon as we find a tyrant who wants something, we’ll hand you over and call it a “reset” of relations. Small, weak nations will now try to make the best deal they can with tyrannies…this will prove especially crucial in places like Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines…who in any of these nations would actually think in 2014 that an American army or fleet will be on their way when the tigers start to prowl?

Obama’s successor – either fellow nitwit academic Hillary or whomever the GOP nominates – will inherit a world which will be quite a mess. No one who possibly likes us will trust us, no one who hates us will be in any fear. We’ll be quite alone – and rather disarmed as Obama has cut the size of our military dramatically. Adding to the bad news, we’ll be $20 trillion in debt with a lot of short-term notes coming due at a time when interest rates are likely to be rising. I do wonder, seriously, if any of the contenders for the White House really understand what a difficult problem Obama will be leaving them…even if on January 20th, 2017 we’re not in a hot war or actual recession? I think if they did, hardly any of them would make a try for it. We’re going to need someone of the stature of Washington or Lincoln to get us through – someone who will be willing to work themselves to death, just to repair the worst of the damage. It won’t be an Obama-like time of vacations, golf outings and people checking your NCAA brackets.

But, Obama won’t care – he’ll go to his grave believing that he fixed everything. When things go smash – likely after he is out of office – he’ll blame his successors for not being as smart as he was. His acolytes in the MSM will also never question what was done, and will lay all blame on whomever gets stuck with the White House (you sure you really want that, Hillary?). Obama will be rich, well guarded and living among the elite of the elite for the rest of his days…the much poorer people who will have to play in blood and treasure to fix his mistakes won’t even be on his mind.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Beneficiaries: Russia, Cuba and Iran

  1. Cluster December 30, 2014 / 8:43 am

    And while Obama has amassed personal wealth, his policies will be leaving many of his constituents worse off financially:

    The typical rich family in America now has nearly seven times the wealth of a family in the middle-class. It is the biggest wealth gap in three decades, according to a new analysis by Pew.

    And in fact the wealth gap by race is even worse, something you won’t hear in the Obama driven media, however if there were a Republican in the White House, this would be front page news.

    Condi Rice recently said that “when the US steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens”, and I think that summarizes the Obama doctrine very well. NO ONE respects the US anymore. Our adversaries, our allies, or even those ambivalent countries – nobody has any respect for, or fear of our country.

  2. Retired Spook December 30, 2014 / 10:34 am

    nobody has any respect for, or fear of our country.

    That fact that no one fears us is seen as a positive by most on the Left, but then they’re the same people who equate fear with hate.

    • M. Noonan December 31, 2014 / 12:00 am

      And as I said, in after years as better people have to clean up Obama’s mess, our liberals will still never understand what they’ve done…

  3. Retired Spook December 31, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    I’ve often thought that the fact that Progressives are enamored with totalitarian regimes, and Leftist totalitarian regimes in particular, tells you pretty much everything you need to know about them. It really is who they are, although I would bet all who are so enamored envision themselves as part of the ruling elite should they ever be so “fortunate” as to live in such a paradise.

    When my high school class held its 50th reunion in 2013, a web site was set up for classmates to get reacquainted, post profiles, photos, high school memories, etc. A discussion ensued on the website forum when Obama announced the easing of restrictions on Cuba between several classmates who I would, even back in high school, have classified as Liberals. They were practically orgasmic about the possibility of visiting the island paradise. One in particular, who was actually a very good friend in high school, claimed to have visited Cuba several times recently as part of a religious outreach group, and was going on and on about how nice the Cuban people are and how much freedom they had to move about, how great it was to see all the old cars, and how lovely the beaches were. I am not making this up.

    There are lots of places on this planet I’d like to visit, but Cuba isn’t on my top 100 list.

    • Cluster December 31, 2014 / 1:43 pm

      And remember, Cuba’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world according to Michael Moore. I also think it was Paul Krugman who a few years back opined that a dictatorship was an efficient way to run a government. Decisions can be made without all that messy debate and disagreement.

      • M. Noonan December 31, 2014 / 10:30 pm

        You nailed it – they like totalitarian government because they know that in such a system they would live rich, privileged lives and be in charge.

    • Amazona December 31, 2014 / 11:52 pm

      Freedom to move about? Ask Elian Gonzales about that. You can’t ask his mother because she died trying to escape.

      How can anyone who knows that people will risk anything, including their lives, to get away from this island “paradise” possibly believe that it represents freedom to its people? Someone this dumb would probably have gone to visit East Berlin in the 60s, 70s and 80s and come home raving about the charming retro clothing and low-calorie diets.

      I’m starting to think it’s not that Leftist propaganda is really so well-done, it’s just that there is such a pool of idiocy incapable of seeing through it. OK- I’ll accept that Castro has not ruined the beaches. Of course, it is easy to keep beaches pristine if people can’t use them.

      • M. Noonan January 1, 2015 / 1:21 pm

        I’m pretty sure Spook’s friends never left the cleaned up tourist areas…liberals are always willing to be willfully blind.

      • Amazona January 1, 2015 / 1:33 pm

        In Cuba, if you can convince your minders that you are a trustworthy and loyal Party member you might be allowed to work in the carefully groomed tourist areas, where you can actually make enough money to get by, and where you are expected to extol the glories of Castro’s Cuba. Just like in the old USSR, you never know who you’re talking to, so you can never let down your guard and be honest with anyone, knowing that the penalty will be imprisonment, possibly torture, possibly death, and retaliation against your family. Not just your livelihood but your very life depends on how well you do your job, which is mostly selling the myth to gullible tourists and playing the part of a happy, contented, well-fed, healthy, free Cuban living the dream.

    • Amazona January 1, 2015 / 1:22 pm

      “There are lots of places on this planet I’d like to visit, but Cuba isn’t on my top 100 list.”

      I have always wished I could have seen pre-Castro Cuba, and if the country were to be freed of its Communist overlords and Communist governance, if it were to become free again, I would love to go there.

      I’ve known several people who have visited Japan and raved about it, who have been completely ignorant of the Japanese culture that imposed so much brutality, slavery, misery and death before it was crushed—by the Allies—-and forcibly replaced with the capitalistic model that led to the nation we see today. How many people even know that after WW II the United States put a college professor in charge of the rebuilding of the country, due to his theories about how one might build a market system from the ground up? (I have tried to find out more about this, remembering a documentary I saw many years ago, without luck. If anyone can point me to books or articles on this I would appreciate it. I have a loft in my house I am setting up as my political and history library.) I brought it up a few times when ignorant Lefties (sorry for the redundancy) declaimed with absolute certainty the mantra that it was impossible to impose democracy on a country, when we invaded Iraq, and my comments were simply dismissed out of hand.

      Mention this to anyone now and the response is either disbelief and a hint of denial, or “So? That was then, this is now.” (BTW, I agree with the statement “That was then, this is now. I just wonder why so many black people can’t figure it out.)

      How many of those who swoon over the human zoo quality of today’s Cuba, where they are enchanted by the sight of all those classic cars still on the road and impressed by what they are told by the few Cubans allowed to interact with them, who experience Cuba in much the same way they experience the “worlds” at Disney World, know the history of the island and its series of governments? How many know of the harsh reality of today’s tyrannical government, or how many Cubans have died in prison camps, or still exist in prison camps, merely for the “crime” of disagreeing with Castro’s regime?

      What never ceases to amaze me is the historical illiteracy of the Left—of the actual Left and of its mindless apolitical sheeple enablers. And then there is the fact that this willful ignorance and refusal to learn or accept reality contributes to the imprisonment, torture, and death of so many. Only a Lefty can adorn his car with bumper stickers praising Amnesty International while determinedly overlooking human rights violations, because the culprits have the right political credentials.

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